09/19-09/23- American Fidelity will be set up in the data room. All employees are required to meet with Curtis Wells and sign off.

9/20- 1 hour PD after school. The offerings were emailed yesterday. You are to choose from 1 of 4 sessions. Sessions will be offered again with each staff member to complete 3/4 of the sessions. Sign up in STI/PD.

9/21-Technology Training during planning times

09/21- Budget Committee meets after school in the Art Room (Kizziah, Money, Martin, Smith, Norton).

9/22- First Year Teachers' Meeting after school in the Data Room

9/27- K-3 Data Meetings during planning times

9/28- 4-6 Data Meetings during planning times


“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

—Japanese proverb

Japanese wisdom never fails. Such a timeless culture that has mastered so much of the concept of self-awareness knows a thing or two about teaching and learning. This proverb is one of my favorites and speaks to many of my own personal experiences in education.

The message: Studying is an important part of gaining an education, but reviewing and internalizing facts and data will only get a student so far. What they really crave are those moments where they truly connect with their teacher and learn a lesson that no textbook or website could ever provide. These are the priceless lessons of real life, from someone who has had those experiences and made the mistakes, and grown as a human being because of them. That’s you, and those experiences are like gold to any student. Make them happen as much as you possibly can.


Evaluate the digital learning environment: How are students using technology to collaborate, research, analyze, and problem solve? Reduce the use of technology as a glorified worksheet.

Evaluate literacy instruction: How are students reading and writing throughout the day? How often are they reading and writing? What types of literacy instruction are occurring in math, science, social studies? How often is vocabulary instruction occurring? What standards are being taught?


Congratulations to Ms. McAdory and Ms. Causey for being selected to represent Lee County at the Ron Clark Academy today. We are so proud that you were chosen and know you will be blessed by the experience.

Mrs. F. Ward and her students are using Flipped Classrooms and Chrome Books to learn mathematics and self check their work. It was so amazing to see students use her pre-made lesson to review their work and correct their mistakes while working with each other without interrupting her small group instruction!

Simple Truths: Secrets of the World Class
May we always see ourselves as "world class." May we empower instead of inhibit. May we challenge instead of limit. May we rise above and soar as God has called us to do. For we are more than conquerors. Thank you for giving your best each day. Thank you for making a difference.