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The family received a total score of socioeconomic status, the group was determined to belong to another expression (Wars, 2003). However tamil radio news according to this system were continuously discussed whether the general structure of Turkey. The discrepancies between the income levels of education in Turkey was also reflected in a negative determination audience. Moreover, Turkey's market conditions require dynamic structure, determine the ownership status of the fm tamil songs goods was set at naught in time. Several studies were performed in order to solve all these problems.
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SES Research Project, AGB Media Research, Keyword Research, Akademetre, composition, frequency, Grenade is tamil radio news Gk Turkey, Kali ta, KMG (Institute), Consensus, Brand. Media, Millard Brown, Plus Remark, Recon, Strategic Focus, Trend Group Trial, Tons Pier, BIAK with Orientation research companies (Media Monitoring research Council), TIAK (Television Audience research Council) and was led Advertisers Association. The study was prepared by a sample period of 1.5 years, 26 new scale ilde8 500 thousand households. In this context; SOUND example of installation structure is simple, easily applicable.

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In addition to knowing the target audience's socioeconomic status, with the idea of ??studying for Radio Panel will provide different benefits; All individuals in the sample, age, gender, education, business and occupation, socioeconomic status is known and this information is combined with listening to the radio. In addition, these individuals and households to, fast moving consumer goods spending, belongings ownership, media and financial tamil radio news consumption, lifestyles, thoughts and feelings, personalities, activities, shopping habits, are monitored like. Depending on the continuity of the sample can be collected additional information (KMG, 2009) measurement space as a result of the collapse of numerous radio stations. If geography of places, but covers the residential population samples. Total sample size was 14,500.

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24 provinces in the urban and semi-urban represented over 12 years. Measuring the universe is total 24. 104 million people (KMG, 2009). Household tamil radio news Panel Radio Audience Measurement System and therefore included within the scope of research on urban and semi-urban distribution is as follows. Dipsos fm tamil songs KMG regularly employs permanent panel representatives tamil radio news in the field. New socioeconomic groups, the head of household and spouse's education and occupation, and both spouses as parents' education and occupational status, began to be calculated with different weights. Ownership of items were removed from the scale due to outdated quickly.

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These individuals are Dipsos KMG's personnel and for no other company survey (investigation) can not. The task of these people, to provide necessary information to the subjects, and then to bring tamil radio news the subjects to collect logs again (Meet is, 2009G). Representatives panel by KMG fm tamil songs officials walking rule taught. Panel representative households can not go on any subject of his choice in order to connect. Walking rules should be appointed to the panel representative of a place on the map by Dipsos KMG center. In accordance with the large-scale field applications, the force of the field staff, based on objective criteria, stability is high, when proof was based on the criteria.