Nuclear Fusion

By: Tanner Gross


Hello my name is Tanner Gross, Future scientist of america. Today I will teach you about nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion is the process of combining two elements to use as a energy source. when combined for example the sun. It is composed of the atoms hydrogen and helium. When combined, it produces outstanding amounts of energy for what little fuel is used.

Nuclear fission on the other hand, still creates an okay amount of energy, but it has its downfalls.

1. fear of nuclear fallout

2. not widely enough used

3.the finished product is very radioactive and very few "safe" locations are there.


Nuclear fusion can be a very deadly job, where ever you are. Be aware of the dangers of radioactive materials and wear proper safety gear

Why Nuclear fusion

That is a good question isn't it. Nuclear fusion has an extremely good energy output for what little "fuel" it needs and it creates virtually no pollutants