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Brrr... It's Cold Outside!

Winter weather exposes workers to cold temperatures, high winds, snow or sleet, icy conditions, and the risk of frostbite, hypothermia and slip/fall injuries.

Tips For Working Safely in Cold Weather

Dress warmly - wear:

  • Loose-fitting, layered, light-weight clothing.

  • Water repellant outer garments and waterproof /insulated boots.

  • A hat, scarf, and mittens or gloves in extremely cold weather.

Be aware of the wind chill factor – the temperature that it “feels like” outside due to the combined effect of low temperature and wind.

Keep dry - change out of wet clothing. It loses heat and the ability to insulate rapidly.

Limit time outside on very cold days - move to warm locations during breaks.

Monitor your physical condition and that of co-workers - watch for signs of:

  • Frostbite: Cool, cold, white/pale skin on the fingers, toes, ear lobes, & tip of nose.
  • Hypothermia: Uncontrolled shivering; memory loss/confusion; difficulty speaking; loss of coordination; difficulty performing tasks; drowsiness & exhaustion.

First Aid:

  • Move victim to warm location.

  • Remove wet clothing, put on dry clothing and wrap the victim in a warm blanket.

  • Warm the center of the body first by giving the victim a warm, non-alcoholic drink provided the victim is conscious.

  • Do not rub/massage frostbitten skin.

  • Seek professional medical assistance immediately.

Spread salt, sand, deicer, or cat litter on icy patches.

Avoid taking shortcuts - stay on sidewalks and cleared paths.

When snow is falling and temperatures are dropping, remember to BUNDLE UP and do the PENGUIN SHUFFLE!

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