Poetry Project

Roshan K. 9-4

I Wish

I wish I had the power to change the world

I wish I had time to nap like a cat, all curled

I wish I had more time to read lovely books

I wish I had less homework with rules and hooks

I wish I had an eternity to spend with my friends

I wish I had the happiness a story ending lends

I wish I had poisons to make my enemies blue

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true.

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Morozova's Elegy

It was so far past, too far to remember

Before Fjerda, Shu Han, and Ravka had borders

The brilliant boy lived, but as if in amber

All the peasants feared them, the Grisha of no orders

His ruthless mother too had the power

And raised him alone to never waver

Yet the tattoo over his heart grew sour

So an evil influence he began to savor

Otkazat'sya--'the abandoned'--echoed the screams

With demons of hollowness that clawed their escape

The war that ensued broke the world's dreams

Just retaining a fragment of hope's shape

The blinded mother made her sacrifice in trust

Of the little saint who was unendingly brave

Were they all destined to decay into dust?

Or was only the villain granted the grave?

"The Darkling"--a name bitter on the tongues of all

Who few were to protect and none to love

But now, these tears that slowly fall

Are so I never


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A World Without Eyes

The door creaks open

The hallways are deserted

A lantern flickers

A draft kills the flame

My sight fades into darkness

Take one step forward

Hand touches the wall

I walk onwards in cold fear

No light, and no sound

Suddenly, a noise

A claw scraping on the stone

My heart starts pounding

The noise gets closer

Run, I think, I have to run

My feet stumble back

I sprint through the halls

The creature right at my heels

Searching for the door

Silver light--window!

I've lost the monster...I'm safe

But in a dead end

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