Digital Citizenship

By: Chloe Brown

Definition of Digital Citizenship and Example

  • using technology appropriately.
  • like using your technology to hurt someone.

Internet Safety

Be safe online and don't give out any of your passwords.

You might have a best friend that you can tell everything, but if you get into a fight you don't want her to be able to get into your things and hack your accounts.

Internet Safety

Don't post things that you don't want to go viral.

If you are thinking about posting something but you don't want all your friends to see it, you should probably not post it at all.


Be nice to people on the internet, you don't know what they are going through.

You may not like someone very much, but you should always be nice to them especially on the internet. You don't want to have a bad reflection on your history on social media.


When you are trying to get a job someday, you don't want them to look at your history on social media and see that you are/were a cyber bully.

Why you should be positive online?

You should always be positive online because you don't to go and try to get a job and have them look back on your social media and see a bad history on it because then they will probably not hire you.