Human Dependence Project by Madison Plotner

Main Issues and Negative Effects.

Main issues with dead zones is that the wildlife in the water is deprived of oxygen and die. This pollutes the water and makes it unable to hold living organisms. The sudden death of marine life can slow down sea food production, or cause people to go deeper into the ocean to catch fish, but this causes more marine wildlife to die. Negative effects of dead zones is the fact that it kills any marine wildlife that tries to live in it. The lack of oxygen reduces the number of marine wildlife and adds to the number of dead wildlife in the ocean.

My Solution

For a solution, I think all or the majority of agricultural and industrial companies should be moved to inner parts of the country and away from water sources that drain into large bodies of water the excess nutrients aren't excessively dropped into the ocean. Doing this would at least reduce dead zones and maybe even eliminate them entirely. This could be done now if the country was willing to do it.
Pacific Ocean Dead Zones

Link for Video on Pacific Ocean Dead Zones