Concentration and focus

-An easy guide to make it possible-

Sharpening your concentration and focus

Good concentration is key to academic excellence. Therefore, being able to master the skill to concentrate and focus can make a significant difference at school and work. Here are some basic steps to get you started.

1. Create a work space

2. Get organized

3. Take breaks

4. Be physically and mentally ready

5. Take notes

6. Make an effort to concentrate

1. Create a Work Space

Finding an effective study location should be your primary goal as you prepare to complete the task at hand. Create a place with the following characteristics:

- Quiet

-Good lighting

-Plenty of room to spread books and papers

-No distractions such as: cellphone, I Pad, or computer (unless needed for homework)

Choosing the right place for you is vital. Establishing appropriate surroundings for better concentration will positively influence the quality of your studying.

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2. Get organized

Effective students find organization as the key to their academic success.

-Having all your material organized beforehand is crucial. Stressing out about finding your notes can cause distraction, and knowing how/where to start can help you focus on the material.

-Break down your study time into sessions. This will avoid you getting overwhelmed and you will know exactly what you will need to focus on at that particular session.

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3. Take Breaks

Taking 10 to 15 minute breaks in between is an effective way to let your brain retain the information and stay focused. Reviewing the material after the break is a good strategy to absorb the details better.
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4. Be physically ready

You don’t want to study with an empty stomach or a tired brain. Your productivity is determined by your mental energy and how well rested you are. Another tip that will affect your memory and focus for the better is preparing yourself mentally before beginning your activity. Also, being hydrated is proven to boost your memory.

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5. Take notes

When reading, studying, or listening to a lecture, write down words that you consider important to remember and understand the main idea.
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6. -Make an effort

Be positive

Have a positive attitude and make an effort to concentrate.

Perhaps you can concentrate better by listening to your favorite song!

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