School field Trip

This is what i think our next field trip should be

Asltfall Fossil Beds BY: Xaviance smith

If I had the chance to pick a fieldtrip. I would have to pick between Pottawatomie plunge water park , Columbus or junction motor speed way and final asltfall fossil beds. I would have to pick something that educational. I would pick asltfall fossil beds because it deals with sciences .

This field would be only for 7th grade and not 8th. In all we would have to take 300 students and teachers. All from the age of 11-13 years of age. We would need to have bus drivers with us to take us.

Asltfall fossil bed is far and not that far away from Omaha. But it is really far from the school. The Street where this fieldtrip is located is 86930 517th avenue. It’s all so 4 miles eat and 6 miles north of arehand.

This fieldtrip is every educational in many ways like. Because it deal with fossils. If I am not mistaking fossil deal with sciences. It would be a perfect fieldtrip for a science.

I just showed you why it would be a good idea to go to the asltfall fossil bed. And I ho[e the 7th grade go to this fieldtrip.

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