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Featured Artist: Johnny Cash

Module 11: Country Music Folder *Due Sunday, April 10
1) FORUM: Module 11.1: Country Music Discussion Forum
2) ASSIGNMENT: Module 11.2: Country Music Project Assignment
3) QUIZ: Module 11.3: Country Music Quiz
4) LISTENING: Module 11.4.1 - 11.4.3: Country Music Listening *15 songs

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Today I will be sending out Assignment Reports Early so you will know what you need to catch up on for the week. Remember that I have extended the time for Modules 9 & 10 until this Sunday, April 10. So be sure to finish those and this week's Module 11 to avoid penalties.

Please let me know if you have and questions and I will be happy to help.

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Johnny Cash

During the year there many have been earthquakes felt or reported in many locations. Some of these locations are found in the Pacific Ring of Fire. This area usually illustrates where active volcanoes are, but frequent earthquakes can also occur in these areas.

"Ring of Fire" which was re-written by Johnny Cash and lyrics by his wife June Carter Cash is said to be his signature song. After having a dream, he said he envision the song (originally written by June's sister Anita as "Love's Ring of Fire") to have added mariachi-styled trumpets in the background. He said that if Anita's version didn't catch on he would record his own ideas for the song. He did and it was a big hit. Coincidence? One has to wonder with a title like "Ring of Fire!"

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