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What are bacilli, cocci, and spirilla and thier advantages


These are rod shaped bacteria, that varies in length by age. It can occur in single chains or in pairs. Examples these are coil form bacteria which are used to indicate water pollution and is responsible for the typhoid fever


These are round cells sometimes slightly fattened when adjacent to one another they can exist in singles, pairs, in groups of four, chains, clusters, and in cubes.


These are curves bacteria hay can be in corkskrew shapes. Alot of them are capable of movement.

Advantages Bacilli

The advantages of Bacilli are that they are single membrane this makes it an ideal chassis for secreation of organic materials. Another advantage is the availability of potential parts. The last advantage is natural competency and integration.

Advantages cocci

They advantages of cocci is that they are able to retain water and won't dry out so that they last longer than other bacteria

Advantages spirilla

The advantages of spirilla is that it is able to move around faster than other bacteria. It is helping the flagella and it has an advanced flagella so it can move around