The Bear Necessities

January 18, 2019

Safe ride home

It is our staffs job to ensure our students are safely bucked for their ride home. On the bus:

take off coats prior to buckling

Tighten straps

Put plastic clips at chest even with the arm pits

As you exit the bus, please take a moment to give kids a good look over. If anything were to happen to a child not buckled properly, we would all be devastated. It is worth your time and effort!

Taste of Lee's Summit Auction Baskets, let's just do this instead....

Instead of all of us building basekts, let's just take donations and buy gift cards that support a live auction item. If everyone would donate $2 or whatever they are comfortable with, we could greatly support the "Hangry" basket, that will be on the live auction and full of "outside of LS restaurants". Please put your money in the envelope in my mailbox. THANKS

Dr Carpenter has been on local station

Want to learn more about our leader, I've attached a link. It also has several other Lee's Summit topics if you scroll down.

Space Heaters

Must be plugged into the wall, not a powerstrip

Must be turned off when you leave (this has been a problem)

Must have the "UL" tags still attached

Must have an "anti tip" feature (turns itself off when tipped over)

We love our schools, please make sure we keep them safe.

Classroom/office windows

At our district "Academic Leadership Team" Mtg today, we were told that there MUST be a way to view your classroom from the hallway. If your plan is to keep those windows closed off with paper/curtains so that you can easily lock down, this plan will not work. Please make sure that your classroom has a way for those in the hall to see in AND has a way to quickly cover the windows in your classrooms.

ESY (Extended School Year)

June 3-27, Monday-Thursday 8:00-11:00 here at GBEEC

It looks like our students will stay here.

I need your input

I've been asked to meet next week regarding ADA (average daily attendance). Which if you remember from previous communication is now billable at the state level for 4 year olds. The new allowance is being aggressively sought after by MANY local districts. This can be billed as a half day and full day rate. I will tell you that the local districts are having conversation about all day. So here is what I need from you:

Don't freak out, this is a discussion and that is all at this point

Don't spend the day/weekend talking to everyone and freaking out (seriously)

Do send me what would be hurdles we would need to consider if we went to an all day program. (think food/naps...what else, I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of, because I am no longer in a classroom)

Do send: What are the hurdles for a 5 day a week all day program, send me those as well.

Do send me ideas on how to make it work

Jeanie and Kerry

Tuesday - Kerry TRE in AM, Jeanie home visit AM

Wednesday - here

Thursday - Kerry and Jeanie on EC Tour in KCMO

Friday - here