The Candy Man

Leo Hirschfeld: Founder of Toostie Rolls


Do you like the sweet and tasty taste of chocolate? Do you enjoy tootsie rolls? Leo Hirschfeld is the founder of tootsie rolls.

Early Life and Childhood

  • Leo was born on February 14, 1869 in Augsburg, Australia
  • Had a brother named Victor Leon and Fugenie Hirschfeld
  • Leo was married to Dora Hirschfeld
  • Zoro Hirschfeld was his child
  • He Died on September 5, 1924 Florence


  • Leo made a penny treat that went around the United States
  • He became very famous and had a 5 storie factory

How he helped our society

Leo help helped the society because it was only a few penny's and if you were poor or wanted a treat you could by one.

Also, if you run out of food and you have a couple of penny's you can buy a few.


I learned that he was a very intelligent guy because the treat he made is only a few penny's because the poor may be able to buy it.Leo was a very famous guy. I'm glad he made tootsie rolls. They are very amazing and awesome