What is perseverance

By Luke Janek

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is when you are determined to reach a goal despite adversities. When a person doesn't give up reaching for a goal. Were they go on by themselves and go for a goal.

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson Description Paragraph

Jackie Robinson was a very important person in history. An example is when he was playing baseball in front of people, fans would call him names. Jackie would just let them say it and didn't talk back to them. If said anything back it would just be reason to get him kicked out of playing baseball and ruin his career. This shows resilience. Some characteristics are motivated, determined and honesty. The fans were solidarity. Branch Rickey was like his coach who guided him through adversities in Jackie's life. It looks like Branch Rickey was always on his side and they broke the color barrier together and never gave up to accomplish a goal. Jackie was inspired to make a change in Major League Baseball. For instance when Jackie would play baseball the fans would always try to put him down but he just ignored them even though he wanted to fight back in his mind. For example in the text it says “Robinson had the guts to speak out against racial injustice after he retired from baseball.” This shows that Jackie wanted to make a change even though he wasn’t playing anymore in MLB. This shows that the fans thought he was inadequate.
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Winston Churchill Sequence

When Winston Churchill first started he went to many schools to learn war tactics. Then he wanted to become a bigger person in a bigger position. After he became a leader to help and defend the United Kingdom. After he was leader the whole UK was attacked. When the war ended many people died and he was not the prime minister anymore. Later on he was elected again for prime minister. Finally he led the UK to victory. This shows that Winston Churchill was very resilient.

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Kid President Compare contrast

Robby Novak is a kid that wants to make a change and make people happy. Regular kids wouldn’t care but Robby Novak known as the kid president is a little kid that has a disease that causes him to break many more bones then regular kids. Kids who aren’t like Robby and have a disease they will just stay home and not do anything but Robby Novak proves them wrong. In contrast regular and kid president are different kids. Regular kids who have diseases will make it like they can’t do anything else in life since they have that disease. But Robby has a disease that causes him to break many bones. This disease is called Osteogenesis imperfecta. He would falter along the way through persevering. Robby Novak overall differs from regular kids.


Eleanor Roosevelt was honest and good at making eloquent speeches
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Problem Solution

Carp gives a lesson
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