Come Join Us, We Have Freedom

By Kenneth Nguyen and Victoria Garza

Come Support The Northwest Ordinance!

Help us pass this law before they make the final decision in July 13, 1787!
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Pros and Cons

Even though we have cons about this law, our pros will destroy the cons and the cons wouldn't even matter anymore.

CON- If you did not have fifty acres of land, you could not vote.

CON- Slavery was not allowed in the new states, causing some issues because the main cash crop at the moment was tobacco and they didn't have anyone to work for them.

CON-The new settlers anger the Native American tribes when they moved into the new land.

PRO- It can limit the number of states so there wouldn't be an overflow of states for a country.

PRO- This would let a lot of people be freed from being forced to work.

PRO- Gave settlers free reign to colonize the five states outside of the original 13 states, which are now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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Some Requirements

-You need to have at least 60,000 settlers to apply for statehood.

- You also need to have fifty acres of land to have a vote.

-If you have at least 5,000 settlers in a territory, you can send a non-representative to Congress.