Being a PIlot

As a pilot you can work for the police and capture criminals, you can work for the military and test out new equipment, dust crops, and fly food and water supplies to areas devastated by earthquakes.


To be a pilot you must have a commercial pilots license and you are most likely to be hired by having two or more years of college. You are required to be in good physical and mental condition, organized, meticulous, alert, logical, and you must have good communication skills, and not have a problem with travel.

Benefits to Society, Salary, Companies to hire you

This job benefits society because you can save peoples lives, serve for your country, help the environment, and serve justice as a policeman. The american average wage per year is 48,000 dollars but as a pilot your'e expected to make $75,000 per year. As a pilot you can be hired by NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop German.