Puckett's Mill 3rd Grade Newsletter

February 19, 2016

A note from the teachers...

Dear Parents,

We have our field trip to the State Capitol coming up next week! Mrs. Burkingstock, Mrs. Coy, Ms. Fladger, and Mrs. Ross go Monday. Mrs. Shields and Mrs. Wilker go Tuesday. We will leave school at 9:15 and return a little after 1:00.

Also, please note that students will be dismissed early on Wednesday and Thursday.

Have a great weekend!

~Third Grade Teachers

What are we doing next week?

  • Reading – Students will be transitioning from fictional books written by the same author to nonfiction books written by one author. We will learn about explicit questioning (answers can be found in text) and implicit questioning (readers need to make inferences). We will practice with a variety of nonfiction books in the classroom.
  • Writing – We will be preparing for the writing section on the Milestone by writing an informational piece developing a Constructed Response with Paired Text.
  • Word Study/Spelling - We will learn words with the short/long "r" influenced words. We will have a quiz Friday.
  • Grammar - We will review skills we have already learned.
  • Math – We will continue our unit on comparing fractions. Our test is scheduled for March 2nd.
  • Science - Next week will wrap up our heat unit. Students will learn about insulators and how color affects heat transfer. Students will take an end of the unit test on Tuesday, March 1st. You can study the vocabulary words using the Heat Quizlet link.