It's time for a fiesta!

The Basics Of Argentina

Argentina is a country located in lower and central south America. Saying this you should know that it has a temperate climate, with the temperate climate it has chilly winters and hot and humid summers. With this happening, if you visit Argentina right in between around January-March you will have amazing whether and will never want to leave! When visiting make sure that you stop by some land marks, we have the Andes Mountains which is located on the border of Chile an Argentina, then we also have The Rio Parana which flows right around the west of Argentina.

How To Fit In:

It's the same with anything, if you are going somewhere new and unknown you are going to want to intermingle and fit in with the culture. The main language that is spoken in Argentina is Spanish, but many also speak English, Italian, German, and French. Some things that you are going to want to know is their folkways and the way they do everyday life. To start, you should always greet the oldest or more important person first, and always wait for third party introductions, when leaving say good-bye to everyone individually and last, always show up to a dinner party late, they find it rude to their culture to show up on time, normally people show up around 1/2-3 hours late! So now you have things that you should be doing, here are a couple things that are outrageous to their culture that you should never do. First, you should never pour wine, especially at a nice dinner, they have rituals that include wine, the other thing to do is to never eat in public, it might be normal here but they would never do it there, and last never go into a bar before 11:30pm, Buenos Aires is considered to be the city that never sleeps for a reason.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

You know about Argentinian culture, but do you know about the subcultures you might see around the county? A very well known and common subculture is the one mainly made up by the teens of Argentina called Flogging. Flogging is a form of photo and video blogging which has become almost a folkway to the teens everyday culture, you can compare flogging to our country as facebook, or instagram. Another subculture of Argentina is all of the gangs that they have there. Most of these gangs influence sex, drugs, and violence to the children that are there to get them to join at a young age and pull them in forever, don't be afraid of them, just make sure you're watching the kids. Argentina didn't used to be as beautiful as it is today, but there is still some work needed to be done, that's where the cultural change aspect comes into it. Like everywhere, there is poverty in Argentina and inequality, but there is also growth labor and reallocation mixed in with it. Argentina is changing everyday!

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