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Maudie opinion

Miss Maudie's opinion on the children is that she cares for them ,wants the kids to like her and wants them to be well behaved for example "Our tacit treaty with miss Maudie was that we could play on her lawn ,eat her scuppernong if we didn't jump on the arbor". This shows what the kids get if they be good and listen. Miss Madies opinion on the Radleys is that he is basically a quiet person not a scary person for instance she says "Arthur Radley just stays in the house ,that's all" so he's just inside all day he doesn't want to be bothered. They hear the story's but they shouldn't be scared he's just quiet.

Why has Harper lee included miss maudie as a main character ?

Student response

Miss Maudie is important because she helps the kids with life."Jim and I had always enjoyed the free run of miss Maudie's yard if we kept out of the azaleas."" So careful were to preserve the delicate balance of our relationship,but jet and dill drove me closer to her with their behavior."The textual evidence is helping the kids with life by teaching them manners and to be respectful.Scout goes to miss Maudie because the other two kids don't want to play with her and miss Maudie is an influence.

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