Tech Ninja Blast

Week of January 4, 2016

This Week's "JOT" - Just One Thing!

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to streamline your Google Classroom feedback workflow:

Recently I've been asked by a few teachers whether there's a more efficient way to review and respond to student writing within Google Classroom now that many assignments are being collected electronically in GC (as a Google Doc). The challenge is to streamline the steps it takes to open a student's assignment, review the work, provide meaningful feedback, and finally return the work back to the student with the inserted feedback. The number of mouse clicks it takes to perform these steps for a single student can add up quickly. Multiply that number by the total number of students and it can feel like the tech is not living up to its promise of being an actual time saver.

A las this week's JOT might be one way to streamline the GC student feedback loop. It's brought to us by Alice Keeler, Google Apps for ed tech master and all around amazing ed-tech practitioner and teacher. Alice provides a nice step-by-step approach to using keyboard shortcuts within Google Classroom and specifically Docs for providing student feedback. Give it a try for a bit and let us know if her workflow speeds things up for you in GC.

Exploring a Teen's Digital Footprint in 6 Clicks or Less

Here's an interesting example of how the overuse (and misuse) of social media can erode one's online reputation. It underscores the importance of promoting true digital citizenship, internet safety, and responsible use of technology for students.

Exploring A Teen’s Digital Footprint In 6 Clicks Or Less

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Jan 4: LCAP and Ed-Tech Planning (DO), Read 180 Training (DO).
  • Tues, Jan 5: Ed-Tech Support (MS), 3 Year Strategic Ed-Tech Plan Dev. (DO)
  • Wed, Jan 6: Ed-Tech Support (FG), Illuminate Training Design/Dev. (DO),
  • Thurs, Jan 7: Illuminate Training Design/Dev. (DO)
  • Fri, Jan 8: Ed-Tech Support (RD, CHS), 3 Year Strategic Ed-Tech Plan Dev. (DO),