December Literacy & Learning News


From Read Aloud Revival Podcast episode #141

Why Rereading is possibly the best reading

Sarah Mackenzie, the author of the canRead Aloud Revival Podcast, recently posted about the benefits of rereading favorite books. She has great suggestions to build children's love of reading.

#1 Books become lifelong companions - to develop that idea of friendship with characters in books children need to reread stories. After all, you don't become best friends with someone after a first meeting.

#2 Better retention of knowledge & vocabulary - as children reread the retention of vocabulary increases!

#3 Improved fluency & comprehension - as children reread they build accuracy (saying all the words correctly) and fluency (expression) which helps children to understand and comprehend better.

#4 Reading past the plot - When we read a book for the first time we just want to know "What happens next?" When we reread we can look to other ideas in the text - characters, and theme.

#5 It is a whole different book because the reader is in a different place - As children learn and grow they bring their new experiences and understandings to old favorites and can take new things away when they reread.

Rereading can be another way to help develop a lifelong joy of reading within our children.

Here are some great lists of gift books for the holidays!

Parent Book Club Discussion

The MP Parent Leadership Team has just started a book discussion around the book UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All About Me World. All parents are welcome. We had a wonderful first discussion, though a small group. We will be discussing chapters 2 & 3 at our next meeting on January 13, 6:30 pm at Mug downtown. We have three additional copies in the parent resources section in the MPQ library, and I know that it is also available through the Ripon Public Library. If you would like to join the group through a virtual platform try the app Padlet. Click here. Stay tuned and watch for updates about when and where on Facebook, in your email, and through IC. IF you want to come to join in the discussion but haven't had time to catch up on the reading don't worry - come and join us! Thanks for your interest!

Title 1 Corner

Title 1 information

Murray Park has a schoolwide Title 1 program. This means that teachers and staff work with families and students to help all students make academic progress and reach their potential. Throughout the next few months, I will be sharing information from our Title 1 Plan and from our Parent/Family Survey from last Spring.

The Title 1 Plan has goals that fall under three areas: Student Academic Goals, Parent and Family Engagement Goals, and Staff Development Goals.

One of the Family and Community Engagement goals is to strengthen our partnership between families and the school community.

Parent survey results from MP Spring Family Night

We asked parents last Spring if they had other ideas to strengthen the partnership between families and school. One way to build that partnership is through communication. Many parents are satisfied with the communication they receive from school, so watch for the newsletters, Class Tag, and Facebook information, but if you have a question or concern don't be hesitant to contact your child's teacher through email, a call, or even a note in your child's planner. When we connect, we can support student learning better!

Jill Puhlmann-Becker, Reading Specialist RASD