Team HBV Elections!

Run for Executive Board! B a Leader!

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Fight hepatitis B with Stanford School of Medicine's Asian Liver Center

Officers get the chance to build great leadership, organization, communication, and outreach skills while gaining rapport with organizations and outreaching to stop Hepatitis B and other liver related diseases. B a believer and stop the epidemic from a position of great responsibility!

Executive Board elections

Friday, May 10th 2013 at 12:30pm

De Anza College, E35

We will have two election dates, May 10th and May 17th. Please be prepared to run on May 10th, and submit the application online by May 9th, 11:59pm

Order of Elections Speeches for Candidates

(Candidate speeches may vary)

1. President

2. VP of Campus Outreach

3. VP of Community Outreach

4. VP of Administration

5. VP of Recruitment and Training

6. VP of Finance

7. ICC Representative

Candidates, please remember to submit your officer application by May 9th, 11:59pm! :) Here is the link to the application:

Questions to consider during your speech:

Please consider answering the following questions into your speech, which should last about 3 minutes. If you forget, it's okay, we will ask you these questions.

1. What strengths do you have that are helpful for the position you apply for?
2. What are your weaknesses? How will you improve yourself?
3. If you have been given tasks from the current club officers, what skills did you use to accomplish the tasks? Be specific about your experiences.
4. If you get this officer position, what will you do to fulfill your responsibility?
5. If you get this officer position, what will you do to fulfill your responsibility?
6. Have you ever been in a leadership position before? If so, please explain about your experience and job. If not, write none.
7. What fun and exciting ideas do you have?

The experience to help others is rewarding!

Hope to see you there!