The Oklahoma Herald

Delinquents Now Heroes?

The Details Of the Incident

Three juvenile delinquents saved several children from a fire in a church. The three boys, Johnny Cade, Ponyboy Curtis, and Dallas Winston, were all passing by when they see the fire in the church. The children in the burning church were from a class from the local elementary school on a field trip and were just playing in the church. The first two to go inside of the church were Curtis and Cade and once all but one of the children were outside, they were about to escape themselves. Curtis tried to save the last child and then tried to escape himself with Cade. Curtis struggled with escaping so Cade helped Curtis but then a burning board from the fire fell onto him. Winston ran inside and helped and soon the ambulance arrived. Cade and Winston are currently in critical condition at the local hospital and Curtis only suffered minor injuries.

What will the judge do? What do we think?

Before the incident, Cade and Curtis, killed a man identified as Bob. Bob's friends admitted that Cade and Curtis killed him as a use of self defense, for Bob was threatening their lives. Cade was charged for manslaughter and Curtis not charged for anything because he was the one who's life was being threatened. Although, Social Services have announced that Curtis could possibly be taken away from his guardians because of their lack of supervision.

The journalist team at the Oklahoma Herald think that Johnny should be free of charges because it was self defense and because that was his only choice, he couldn't have his best friend killed. We also think that Ponyboy should not be taken away from his brothers because they take care of him well. Ponyboy has excellent grades and has the potential to be a successful adult. Although, we do think that Johnny should be taken away from his parents.