We Have iPads, Now What?

All K-8 buildings have at least one shared iPad cart. You might be asking yourself... how can I use them? Hopefully this will help.

General Classroom Uses

A quick search of the web or Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas for iPad use. Where do you start? Start small. Perhaps consider some of these ideas:

  • general research
  • visiting sites you normally take your students to (Test your sites ahead of time on an iPad in the library to make sure the site is iPad friendly. Adobe Flash based sites don't play on the iPad but many sites do, like Storylineonline, multplication.com and more.
  • use a pre-installed app

New to the Whole iPad World

Check out the getting started information here. http://hhsipads.wikispaces.com/iPad+Basics

Contact Lori Sheldon @ 1517 or lsheldon@whsdk12.com

There's an App for That

Don't see what you want on the iPad? Here is the workflow for getting apps on the iPads.

1) Email educational app requests to Lori Sheldon. They will be screened and approved.

2) Lori works with your building technician to get them added.

We will be adding apps on a monthly basis.

Finding Good, Educational Apps

If you visit the app store on a computer or device, Apple has classified apps by "education" and has broken them down further into categories.

You can also use these resources:


Professional Development Opportunities in House

Lori is willing to come speak with grade level teams or individuals about iPad use. Don't hesitate to reach out. Email is the best means of communication.

iPad courses will be offered starting in Jan/Feb and will likely be offered routinely.

There are wealths of knowledge among your colleagues so share away!