What does Stargirl teach students at DC about individuality?

What does individuality mean ?

Being an independent ,

How Individuality is shown in Stargirl?

Stargirl had shown individuality on the first day going to MICA High , she wore different clothes and looked different , but students in MICA High would all wear the same clothes , talk the same way , ate the same food , and listened to the same music.

Leo says " If we happened to someone distinguish ourselves , we quickly snapped back into place like rubber bands. " ( Spinelli , 2000 , p.10 )

Individuality is important because being able to do things differently from others makes us Discovery College Students unique in our own ways and that makes all of us stand out from others , and it sets them apart from students in DC.

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These three quotes describe Stargirl very well , it tells the reader that being an individual is better then being the same as everyone else , and that being able to standout is better then fitting in with the same crowds.

Be yourself !

' You are a unique individual. You are here to express thoughts , feelings and actions that can only come from you - Rozine "