25 miles south from Alabama

Martopia Main Facts

We Originated from my great grandfathers land that he claimed in the 70s.

We are a Market Economy.

we speak every language

There are 250 thousand people in our country.

Other great facts

Our claim to fame is our great Food.

As of now we trade the best cheese in the world and we trade with the United States,Asia,Isotopia,and Europe.

This is our first year in the united nations.

National Animal

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Ten Main Laws

  1. No stealing
  2. You have complete freedom of speech
  3. No killing unless its self defense
  4. You can Drink and smoke after you graduate high school.
  5. Everyone must live to make there lives better,if they don't follow this
  6. No animal cruelty
  7. No selling illegal drugs
  8. No domestic violence
  9. You cannot own a gun under the age of 20
  10. No fake clothes

Current Events

  1. We just gained 400 million dollars from our great cheese
  2. The crime rate has raised to 3 crimes a day
  3. Sales tax has lowered from 9 cent to 7 cent