New York Newws

A murder at Greenwich Village Apartments By: Paul Coleman

Murder at Greenwich Village, New York 1954

In places like Greenwich one will not normally know your neighbors. But a man and his care takers found out how Lars Thorwald killed his wife. Jeff has been stuck in his house with a broken leg for about seven weeks when he started to notice something going on.

The View of the Heros who brought Lars Thorwald to justice (Speaking to Jeff)

I go on to ask,"Can you tell me what you have saw these past weeks?" Jeff goes on to say. I have been looking out this window scene I have been in a wheelchair because of my broken leg. The first thing I notice was when Mr. Thorwald took a long distance call while his wife was in the other room. He seem like he was trying to be secretive by what I was able to see. This is when his wife entered the room and they began to have a fight. When the Miss Thorwald began to laugh this is when the fight stopped. Later that night I was dosing to sleep when I heard a female scream and a glass break. Throughout the night I then saw Mr. Thorwald come and leave his house with a steal briefcase. It didn't really sink in till the next morning I saw Mr. Thorwald washing a machete and a saw. This is when I started putting the pictures together. The next day there was a trunk that he had tied up and sent to storage. This threw me off also Alfred started to believe that he wasn't guilty. This was when the women dog was killed. The women screamed and everyone walks to there window to see what happen except for one. Thhis was when I remembered that the dog always was digging for something in Thorwald flower bed. I then looked at past pictures of the flower and I know flowers don't sink. This is when Lisa investigate ,but find nothing in the flower bed, but found nothing. Then she enters the house and finds Miss Thorwald wedding ring this is when I knew that he had killed her. Then Mr. Thorwald enters the house and starts attacking Lisa I had to call the cops so the would take her away from him. When they are arresting here she shows me the ring as she doing this Mr. Thorwald spots us watching him. It then get quiet and Mr. Thorwald leaves his house. He then enters mine five to ten min. later. Scared out of my mind I grab my flash and use it on him to slow him down. This is when he flips me out the window and the whole neighborhood to see. I then lose grip and fall but there are people there to catch me and cops to see what he has done."