Stop Deforestation!

By: Janeza Calderon

Why Stop?

There are three main reasons why we should stop cutting down our trees: erosion, taking away the habitats of animals, and pollution.


Erosion is a major concern. For one, without trees the soil will become loose and erode onto different areas. It is not only bad for the environment, but also a danger hazard. We never know when it will give away and fall. So be safe and make sure trees or plants are around to keep soil in place!

Taking Away Habitats

Another reason that deforestation is bad is that it takes away the habitat of so many animals. Imagine all the animals that live in the trees like squirrels, owl, lizards, and many more. Further more, we don't want a limited amount of resources to occur for the animals. If that happens, then there will be a decline in certain types of animals and the food chain will be messed up.


The most damaging reason to stop deforestation is pollution. Pollution is very harmful to the environment in many ways. For example, if there is too much pollution then we could have problems with our atmosphere. Pollution can also harm different animals and how they live. Like the butterflies and the Industrial Revolution, we will find ourselves with more of one kind of species instead of another. Pollution overall is just very harmful.