10 destinations Project

Jose Ramirez

10 Destinations


  • Manchu picchu in Peru -$50.00 + flight $900

San blas- $66.00 per night


Souvenirs- $100


  • Walking tour of New Orleans- $40.00 + $400

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Slidell-$211per night


Souvenirs- $100


  • Enoteca Pinchiorri(Florence,Italy) $150.00 + flight $1,236.00

Hotel Privilege, Firenze- $70 per night

Souvenirs- $100

Other places Souvenirs- $200 Each place food $200

  • Croatia -Flight $1,077

Restoran "Palac"-$39.00 per night

Plitvice lakes park-$50

  • Montana- Flight $550

on Site Camping- $80.00 per night

  • Argentina-Flight $1,350

Carrera lake-$498

  • Switzerland- Flight $1,083


  • Labanon- Flight $1,000

Baatara gorge waterfall

  • Texas-Car $50 have home in Texas

Narrows in the Texas hills country -$25.00

  • Iceland- Flight $4,028

Skafateful Ice cave tour- $68.00

Budget: $26,953


I was getting ready to go on my trip to Peru. Too see the historical place Manchu Picchu. Leaving the house with my baggage placing them in the taxi to the airport. Walking through a big crowed on the rush. Finally able to relax and sit down on my seat. While on the plain I fell asleep. A few hours later the plain arrived in Peru. When I left the airport I took a taxi to San blas hotel to put my bags and clean up. Once I left the hotel I look around the markets and walked to the tour for Manchu picchu. When I arrived I saw giant maintains and stairs. On the tour we climbed the mountain and when we got the top It was beautiful the sky and the look of the ruins was great. After I went back to the hotel to get a good night of rest. The next day I went back to look at the ruins and have a closer look at them. They were amazing great structures of buildings made of rocks. That was my last day I got ready to get back to my home.


A few months later I was getting ready for my next trip to Iceland to see the Skafateful Ice cave tour. I got ready for an cold adventure packed all my heavy jackets and some light jacket and boots. The flight to Iceland was delayed for a couple hours so I got something to eat for the wait. When it was time to leave I got up and left the plane ride there was amazing with the great views. When the plane landed I went to the closest hotel for the night. The next morning I took a taxi to the tour and was ready for the adventure when're tour stated it was amazing the cave was frozen water above our heads and so clear and a beautiful blue color it was one of the most beautiful sights I ever seen after the tour I went to a cafe to have some lunch. The next couple of day that I stayed in Iceland I just look around and see the culture around there. I went to some store to get a souvenir so I won't forget about my trip. The shop had this amazing cave sauveniere their so I bought it. After staying in a freezing placebo was ready to go home to warm up.


The next year I was getting ready to go to Europe,Croatia to go to the Croatia Plitvice lakes park. I heard that the views there were beautiful so I was planning to visit. I left for my flight at 9:30 and got the the airport at 10:30 my flight didn't leave until 11:45 so I got something to eat while I was waiting. After I finish i got on the plane and we left. when we arrived I got off the plane and walked to get taxi. when i got to the taxi went to the Restoran "Palac" a hotel near the national park I was going to visit. When i got to the hotel i was unpacking and look out window it was a great view of the park the trees and the flowers. When Finishing unpacking I went to sleep. The next day I went to the park and walked around to see the views. It was really nice the lake was a tiny waterfall and it looked amazing down the lake was a dock so I walked over to the dock and sat down for a break i took off my shoe and socks and placed my feet in the lake was so cold, after a few minutes i got up and walked back to the hotel and went to my room. The next day i packed up to get ready to head back home. After finishing unpacking i went down to the lobby and had breakfast i order an omelet and bacon with warm cup of coffee. I arrived at the airport and boarded the plane and left around 12:00 and arrived home and 5.


On my twenty first birthday I took a trip to Switzerland to see the Interlaken. A place I found online to visit.i think it was a Monday when I left for the trip. When I got to the airport the plane left around 4:00 the flight would take at least 3 hours or more so I decided I would take a nap for half way through the flight. When I woke up I could see the ocean and nothing around watching the ocean made me thirst for a drink so I order some water and a snack. After a hour or so we arrived to Switzerland. When I got out the plain there was a beautiful view of the mountains. I could not wait for the tour. Leaving the airport I took a taxi for the hotel the nicest person I meet the whole day was the taxi driver. Told me all the places and event i should see and visit. Arriving at the hotel I gave the taxi driver a twenty and said my goodbyes. Getting to my room I called room service for a meal. After eating my meal I took a hot warm shower. Once finishing my shower I changed to my pj and watched a movie on the tv and called it a night around 12 the next morning I went down stair to the lobby for breakfast. I had a hot plate of pancakes and eggs with a cup of orange juice. I went ahead to the tour at 2. When I arrived the tour had just started the first stop was the top of the mountain the view was amazing see the top of the forest and the bird flying in the sky and the sun shining bright. It was a perfect view. when the tour was over I didn't have time to visit the other places i wanted to. so i plan on going back when I can and that was my adventure.