November 4, 2021

Wildcat Adventures

Celebrating Our Habit Heroes

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Book Fair Hours Extended

Parents/Guardians may shop on Friday, Nov. 5th:


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Elementary School Winter Concerts 2021

The Wausau School District remains committed to advancing student learning, achievement, and success. As part of that, we highly value the educational benefits that Music Education Programming and encore classes provide our students, not to mention the related performance opportunities that our students have in our K-12 schools. That said, since there’s still so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the Wausau School District is going to err on the side of caution and postpone all elementary music concerts until at least Spring. The decision was made for a couple of reasons. The main one is the safety of our students, their families, and our staff. As you know, right now elementary-aged students are not able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 like many of our middle and high school students can. In addition to the fact that not everyone can get vaccinated, concerts often bring together a lot of people in one space and we want to make sure everyone is not only safe but feels comfortable participating and watching. Please know, the District will reevaluate the situation in the spring and keep you up-to-date after the new year as to the status of concert performances at that time.
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Let’s celebrate being proactive with a spirit week!

November 8, 2021: Wear your Leader in Me shirt!

*The 7 habits are helping us to bring out the leader in each of us. Today you are wearing your Leader in Me shirt to show that you are working on becoming a better leader at Stettin. You are responsible for your actions, your words, and your attitude!

November 9, 2021: Wear your Stettin gear or red!

*The color red reminds us to STOP and think before we make a choice. This shows that we are in control of our bodies and our words. Remember to stop, take a few deep breaths and think about your choices, and choose to behave in a way that will make everyone feel safe, happy, and able to learn at school.

November 10, 2021: Wear bright colors!

*Part of being proactive is choosing your own weather. Each day we have a choice to have a positive or negative attitude. When we choose our own weather, we choose to be positive and look for the good in the world around us!

November 11, 2021: Dress like a superhero!

*We can save the day when we choose to help others make positive choices and have a positive attitude. Just like superheroes, leaders are responsible, they help others, and they model how to be successful.

November 12, 2021: Wear whatever makes you happy! You do you!

*Being proactive means that we choose to make good choices, have a positive attitude, and do the right thing even when no one is watching. You are the best version of you!

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COVID-19 Testing - a New Option for WSD Families

The Wausau School District is now offering free PCR COVID-19 testing to all students, staff, and even their immediate family members.

Testing is now available, on a limited basis in a mobile unit. Below you will find a schedule that shows where the unit will be and when. Then, starting closer to December, ‘Wellness Cottages’ will open up on each school campus in the District, where that testing will be done. The cottages are currently being built.

Everyone who would like to receive that free test must fill out a consent form. The consent form for students is available below, it’s also available on our website.

It’s imperative that you know the District will not test students without parental consent. Instructions for registering your child to receive testing are below. Once parents and guardians fill out the consent form, they must return it to their child(ren)’s school.

All staff and immediate family members of students and staff who would like to receive that free testing, will give consent either at the mobile unit or at the Wellness Cottages when they open up.

You should also know this is all being done at absolutely no cost to the Wausau School District. In fact, the Department of Health Services is paying for it all -- including the testing of students, staff, and their immediate family members, along with paying for the staff who will administer the tests, the mobile unit, and the construction of the Wellness Cottages.

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Important Dates

November 4: Grade 3 to the School Forest


November 5: Last day of Growing Great Minds

Week of November 8th: Celebrate Habit 1 "Be Proactive"

November 16 at 6:30pm: PTO Meeting

November 17: Picture Retake Day

November 24, 25, 26: No School (Thanksgiving Break)

PTO Meeting Agenda- November 16, 2021 6:30pm

I. Call to Order- Sign in and Welcome

II. Leader’s Report

III. New/Current Business

A. Officer Nominations for Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Social Media Liaison

Co-President Volunteers: Jenell Bushong and Jenna Stainbrook

Secretary Volunteer: Tiffany Tesch

Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer: Kay Koszarek

Treasurer: Cari Wenninger

Social Media Liaison: Carolyn Brenner

B. Officer Elections for 2021-2022 PTO Officers

C. Volunteer Update
D. Family Directory Update
E. Confirm 2021-22 PTO Meeting Dates and Times
F. Child Care Option for meetings

IV. Financial Report

A. Budget Report

V. Principal’s Report

VI. Staff Report

VII. Comments for Items Not on Agenda

VIII. Announcements and upcoming Events

IX. Adjourn

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

What can an Infinite Campus Parent Portal do for you?

In today’s busy world, information must be at your fingertips in a moment's notice. Put Infinite Campus to work for you by creating your personal Parent Portal. You will be able to access some or all of these features:

 Check Bussing Information

 Access Class Schedules

 Check Assignment Completion

 View Student Grades

 Print Report Cards and Progress Reports

 Pay School Fees

 View Payment History

 Update email addresses and Phone Numbers

 Set up personal notifications

Get Connected and Stay Informed

Create or use your existing personal Infinite Campus Parent Portal Today!

If you do not have a Parent Portal Account set up, here are the steps to create one:

 Email Mrs. Steffen at for your activation code

 Go to:



 Enter the activation code to complete the registration process

 Create your own username and password. Once you have established your own username and password, the activation code will no longer be valid.

Each parent receives an activation code and will need to set up their own parent account.

If you experience difficulties, we will assist you via phone or email. Please contact Mrs. Steffen or

Mental Health Help

Did you know that we have an on-site licensed mental health therapist from The Caring Tree who is accessible at Stettin Elementary School? Services are billed through the family’s insurance, but don’t let cost prevent care; financial help is available.

To make a referral, please contact Jennifer Graf, School Social Worker at 715-261-0207.

School Safety- Parent and Guardian Tips

The Wausau School District works to ensure physical and psychological safety for students, and part of that work includes ALICE drills when there is a reported threat to safety (e.g. an event in the community). The training provided in the ALICE drill provides the safety rehearsal necessary to prepare students and staff. We practice ALICE drills twice a year, and parents are encouraged to discuss this information with their children. As parents, it is important to talk with our children about the challenging topic of violence in schools. Experts say that avoiding the topic can actually make it seem more imminent and threatening in children’s minds. Here are some tips from mental health experts about talking to your children about school violence.

  • Experts say that when it comes to traumatic events in general, a child does not have to personally experience it to feel the negative effects. With such widespread media coverage of recent tragedies in schools, many children anxiously watched footage of these events along with their families. Even if you tried to shield your child from the horrific events, it is likely that he/she will hear about it at school or learn more details through friends or social media.

  • Prepare your children by setting expectations. You know your child best and your guidance will help them. Let them know that school is a safe place and that part of the job of teachers and school staff is to practice safety skills. “Just like you practice fire drills at school, you also practice ALICE drills so that you know exactly what to do to stay safe in an emergency.”

  • Make connections to safety habits you already practice. Explain that the ALICE drill is another safety habit just like the many safety habits you do on a regular basis, for example, wearing seatbelts and bike helmets.

  • Though it may be new to your child, the ALICE drill will be best learned through practicing. Self-confidence comes from trying things that are hard and getting better each time.

  • Follow your child’s lead. If they seem worried or uncomfortable, help them to identify their feelings and talk with them about ways of handling them. Start the conversation and listen carefully. Begin by asking what your children know about the topic of school violence. Listen closely for misinformation, misconceptions, and for underlying concerns and fears.

  • Let your child know that schools perform ALICE drills throughout the school year and that they are announced as a drill. Consider your child’s unique needs. If you are concerned about how your child will handle the lockdown drill, reach out to the school and partner with your child’s teacher to address your concerns.

  • Let your child know the school made you aware that there was an ALICE drill at school. Children feel safer when they know that families and schools are working together.

  • Ask if they would like to talk about it and let their comments guide you. Children process events in many ways. Some children would prefer not to talk about it, which is okay, too. Some children may simply want to spend some together in a shared activity with few words. Young children often process through their play.

  • If they share that they felt okay about the drill, reinforce that the purpose of the drill is to keep them safe by knowing what to do.

  • If they share that they felt scared, sad, or nervous, acknowledge the feeling while directing the student towards positive coping skills. Reassurance is the key: Children need to hear that you are doing exactly what you need to do to keep them safe at home and that school officials are taking every precaution necessary to keep them safe at their school. They also need to be reminded that their only job at school is to focus on learning and enjoying their time with their friends and classmates.

Visitors to Stettin

When you visit us at Stettin between 8:00-4:00, we ask that you use the Main Entry. In efforts to keep our students safe, all visitors are greeted at the front door through out intercom system. Mrs. Steffen, Mrs. Halvorsen, or Mrs. Dallman will welcome you inside.

You will be asked to stop at the office to register as a visitor and receive your visitor badge.

The first time you visit, you will be asked for a driver's license as part of our security procedures. Subsequent visits will not need a driver's license.

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.

Click here for our Stettin Family Handbook

A comprehensive guide to life at Stettin.

What's for breakfast and lunch each day?

Our breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the following link All nutrition information regarding the menus can be found on this link as well.

Lunch and Playground Times

Kindergarten 11:20-12:00

Grade 1 11:30-12:10

Grade 2 11:35-12:15

Grade 3 12:00-12:40

Grade 4 12:05-12:45

Grade 5 12:15-12:55

Do you have questions about the bus?

We are happy to help you when we can at school.

Many times, however, First Student Bus Company is your best first contact.

Phone: 715-842-2268
FAX: 715-845-3155

Our 2021-2022 Stettin Staff


Kelly Meeks

Taylor Prososki

Grade 1

Cassie Zipp

Kristie Butler

Haley Ramcheck

Grade 2

Beth Gruber

Ashley Langbecker

Grade 3

Timille Johnson

Kristin Paulson

Grade 4

Kelly Brandt

Thomas Dziadosz

Grade 5

Mark Sepnafski

Taylor Schlinkmann

Special Education

Amanda Jacobson

Jill Kleman

Kristen Rexford

Speech and Language

Meghan Oselka


Kara Lee



Shanna Henriksen


Chelsey Gilbert


Sam Ward

Physical Education

Vickie Christianson

Library Media Specialist

Julie Gaskey

Pupil Services

School Counselor

Nicole Melander

School Social Worker

Jennifer Graf

School Psychologist

Hallie Beal

Health Aide

Krista Dallman

Nutrition Services

Tammy Lease

Erin Niewolny


Dale Sann

Kathy Maurisak, Angela Cook

Administrative Assistant

Mary Steffen


Kelly Halvorsen


Jenny Schneider, Michael Czech, Nicole Williams, Xang Lee, Matt Pijan, Joann Klement, Dawn Deuitch, Katie Matyasz, Shanti Hawley

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