Matt Martin

by Meghan Kirwan

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Matt Martin Foundation

This foundation was started by left wing of the New York Islanders, Matt Martin. He has a close connection to all the causes he contributes due to his own personal experiences. The Matt Martin Foundations supports the NYPD Widows and Children Fund, the Association of Children with Down Syndrome, the Boomer Esiason Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis, as well as the Islanders Children's Foundation.

A Little About Matt

Matt Martin is a left wing who plays for the New York Islanders in the National Hockey League. He grew up looking up to Ed Jovanovski a retired NHL defenseman. While Ed played in the juniors, Matt would attend his games in his hometown where he would toss a piece of bubblegum over the boards at Jovanovski. Jovanovski, in return, would hand his hockey sticks to a young, very excited, Matt Martin. He was always so grateful that he had someone he could look up to and really took an extra step to put a smile on his face. Matt wanted to be able to do the same thing for kids.
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Poker Night

Matt kicked off the start of his foundation with a poker night on Long Island. A few other Islanders joined in the fun as well including, Casey Cizikas, Johnny Boychuk, Nick Leddy, and Ryan Strome along with many others. If you beat out an Islander you got signed jersey. Matt was really fortunate that his teammates went to support the start of his foundation. In the end the poker night raised a total of 45,000 dollars. Matt was very pleased with the outcome and is looking forward to more fundraisers in the upcoming year.
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Organizations Matt Supports

Impact in Hockey

Matt Martin in a very physical player. He had the most amount of hits in a NHL season raining in at 377 with still 5 games remaining. He is referred to as "the king of the NHL hitters." (Staple) Martin said "being physical is what the coaches want from our line and from me individually." (Staple)

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