Central Park East II

CPE II Notes March 11th, 2018

Did you set your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings?

Important Date Calendar Below

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  • New York City families with children born in 2014 can apply to pre-K and PreK3*
  • Parent Letter on Walkout from the Chancellor*
  • Picture Days: Return forms this week. 3/21, 3/22 & 3/28*
  • Talent Show March 24*
  • 5th grade moving up: Thursday, June 21st
  • 8th grade graduation: Wednesday, June 20th

* More information below.

Health & Wellness Meeting Wednesday, March 14 All Invited

Please join us at the next Health & Wellness Meeting on Wednesday, March 14 in the Mt, Sinai Cafeteria on Madison Avenue between 101 and 102 Street. We will discuss: Spring Fair, economic and emotional appeal of junk food, and the school garden.

Parent Letter on March 14th Walkout from Chancellor

Is your child getting enough sleep? Are you?

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Talent Show is March 24th

The Talent Show will be held March 24th from 12 pm - 4 pm at the middle school.

If you have signed up to participate and have not heard from anyone, please email Liz Simmons at Lizmich@gmail.com

There will also be a bake sale during the event. We are looking for volunteer bakers, fruit/veggie shoppers, and water. Sign up below.


Picture Day Coming

Wednesday, March 21st and Thursday March 22nd, Elementary School and Siblings

Wednesday, March 28th Middle School

Picture Day forms were sent home. Please return them ASAP

PARENTS WILL HAVE TO REQUEST SPECIAL SIBLING PHOTO FORMS if they select the sibling photo option. This can be in additon to individual photos. Email Yhane@cpe2.org for sibling form.

Farm for City Kids and City Kids Adventure Learning Program

Central Park East 2 has been accepted into both the Farm for City Kids and City Kids Adventure Learning Program during the week of July 23, 2018. You can see more about the programs at http://farmsforcitykids.org/our-program/. Look for information on the application process in our next CPE II Notes.

Parent Stress Relief and Self-Care workshop:

Wednesday March 21, 8:30 am elementary school art room

Parent Stress Relief and Self-Care workshop:

Parents will be able to learn about stress, stressors, immediate reactions and the lasting impacts that stress can cause. The workshop focuses on fast-acting strategies for stress relief and self-care to manage stress.

Brain Awareness Week at El Barrio’s Artspace Free Exhibit

In honor of next year's Brain Awareness Week, Mount Sinai's Friedman Brain Institute will again join the Dana Foundation in its global efforts to "increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research."

The Art of the Brain is an exhibition of photographs, medical illustrations and sculptures that celebrates the beauty of the brain as seen through the eyes of some of the world's leading researchers.

With the aid of the latest technological advances, as symbolized by this artwork, scientists are better able to understand how the brain works and accelerate the development of new treatments for many brain disorders including Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Drug Addiction, Schizophrenia and Parkinson's Disease.

Exhibition Dates: March 12 - March 20, 2018

Location: The Grady Alexis Gallery (215 E. 99th Street)

Studying the Brain - A StoryTelling Event hosted by The Friedman Brain Institute

Inspired by The Story Collider, Studying the Brain is a special Mount Sinai storytelling show where five true, personal stories of science are told live on stage. From the tragic to the hilarious, they explore the deeply human side of brain research.

Date: March 16, 2018 from 6:30-8:30pm

Location: El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 (215 E. 99th Street)

Signs of Spring in NYC Parks

Staten Island Chuck, NYC's resident groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo, predicted early spring! Take look at some early signs of spring to look for in New York City. Did you spot a sign of spring in our parks? We'd love to see it! Show it to us by positng your spring news with #SignsofSpringNYC!


New York City families with children born in 2014 can apply to pre-K

If you have a child who was born in 2014, the time to apply for PreK continues through March 30, 2018.

Siblings of current CPE II students in grades K to 4, as well as siblings of preK students who continue at CPE II, have priority admission under the NYCDOE rules. After that, spots are offered to District 4 families. For more information go to:


Use that same link to access information for PreK3, starting in East Harlem next year for children born in 2015. You will see CPE II listed. This is pending our relocation, since we don't have room right now.

Parent Workshop on Social Media - Save the Date - Monday, March 26th!

Another working group has been created to support families in understanding the implications of Social Media in the lives of our children.

Please save the date for this workshop.

Monday March 26th!

5:30 for Pizza

6PM for event and Childcare

Ends at 7:15

And in the meantime, check out this article.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, March 14th - Friday, March 16th - 4th Grade Camping Trip
  • March 21 & 22 — Elementary School Picture Days
  • Wednesday March 21, 8:30 am Parent Stress Relief and Self-Care workshop

  • Saturday March 24 - Talent Show
  • Monday March 26th - Parent Workshop on Social Media 5:30pm
  • March 28 — Middle School Picture Day
  • Friday, March 30th - Sunday, April 8th - Spring Break
  • Weds. - Thurs., April 11th - April 12th New York State English Language Arts (ELA)Test for grades 3 - 8
  • Tues., May 1 - Weds., May 2 New York State Mathematics Test for grades 3 - 8
  • Friday, May 11th Early Dismissal for Staff PD
  • May 23 – June 1st Grades 4 and 8 Science performance test to be administered.
  • Monday, June 4th Grades 4 and 8 New York State Science Written section

Fechas importantes

  • Miércoles, 14 de marzo - Viernes, 16 de marzo - Camping de 4to Grado
  • 21 y 22 de marzo: Días de Photos Pre K - 5
  • Miércoles, 21 de marzo taller para los padres 8:30AM Alivio del estrés y autocuidado de los padres
  • Sabado, 24 de marzo - Show de talentos
  • Lunes, 26 de marzo - taller para los padres - medios de comunicación social 5:30pm
  • 28 de marzo - Día de Photo Middle School
  • Viernes, 30 de marzo - Domingo, 8 de abril - Vacaciones de primavera
  • Miercoles - Jueves, 11 de abril - 12 de abril Examen del idioma inglés (ELA) grados 3 - 8
  • Martes, 1 de mayo - Miercoles, 2 de mayo Examen de Matemáticas grados 3 - 8
  • Viernes, 11 de mayo salida temprano
  • 23 de mayo - 1 de junio Grados 4 y 8 Examen de rendimiento de ciencias para ser administrado.
  • Lunes, 4 de junio Grados 4 y 8 Sección Escrita de Ciencia del Estado de Nueva York

Parent Letter on Walkout from the Chancellor

March 8, 2018

Dear Students and Families,

The horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, has profoundly affected communities across the country, and many young people feel spurred to take action.

Young people, through actions like civil disobedience and peaceful protest, have been at the forefront of many movements and struggles for justice in our City’s and our nation’s history, and we recognize that many of our own students may similarly decide to engage in forms of discourse and protest in response to the tragic event in Parkland.

We have been made aware that as part of their civic engagement, some students are planning to participate in what is being called the “#ENOUGH National School Walkout” on Wednesday, March 14. The walkout is scheduled to be 17 minutes long to commemorate the 17 Parkland victims who lost their lives.

While we support students participating in civic engagement and exercising of their First Amendment rights, we also want to remind you of our attendance procedures, and inform you of additional measures the New York City Department of Education will be taking to help ensure the safety of students and staff members.

Participating in a walkout like the one planned is an individual decision that we encourage families to discuss together. For anyone who participates in the walkout, it is important to do so in a safe and respectful manner. Staff members from each school will be assigned to be present outside their school buildings during the walkout to help ensure safety and order.

If your child is planning to participate, please notify your school by following your school’s regular attendance protocol. For middle and high school students, walking out for 17 minutes and returning to school will be considered cutting class, not an absence. Students will not face consequences beyond a notation in their student attendance record and a conversation with an administrator. Please be aware that regular classroom schedules will continue as usual.

If middle and high school students are planning to attend events after the 17 minutes, they will be considered absent from the classes they miss. With parent or guardian permission, this will be an excused absence. Without parent or guardian permission, this will be an unexcused absence. If you have any questions about your school’s attendance protocol, please call your school’s main office.

Elementary school students who wish to participate in the walkout need to be signed out by their parents or guardians. For students of all ages with nurses or paraprofessionals required for safety, parents or qualified staff members must be willing to accompany students who wish to participate in the walkout. If a parent or qualified staff member is not willing to walk out and accompany the student, the student must remain inside the school. Schools must ensure that the individual needs of each student are taken into account and addressed at all times.

We know young people can and do make a difference, and many school staff members will be speaking with students about their individual reactions to this event, including the accompanying calls for action and civic engagement, in their classroom and school communities. As part of our Civic Education for All initiative, we are encouraging teachers to facilitate opportunities for students to have respectful discussions on current events in greater depth, and from multiple points of view. For a list of civic engagement resources and other information, please visit http://schools.nyc.gov/safety.

Schools must promote safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environments for all students. We commend all students and staff members, who help make our schools safe, respectful places where all students can learn free from the threat of deadly violence.

Thank you for your partnership.