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Bridge Valley's Mid-Month News & Notes

March 14, 2013


Check out the new look of our monthly News & Notes. On or about the 15th of each month, this mobile-friendly e-mail blast will highlight our important news, dates to remember, and links for more information on important topics/events.


Morning Arrival (8:15AM - 8:35AM)

AM arrival at Bridge Valley can be slow on a sunny day and a crawl when it’s cold or rainy. We recognize that the volume of traffic entering our parking lot during bus and car arrival can stack cars from Bridge Valley to Route 263. In an effort to evaluate the logistics of morning arrival, Dr. Garvin and Mr. Cochran met with Warwick Township Police Chief Goldberg, Mr. Scott Kennedy CB Director of Operations, Mr. Bill Slaughter CB Facilities Manager, Mr. Ron Murray CB Director of Transportation, and Ms. Lisa Costantini CB Transportation Safety Manager. The group observed the entirety of arrival to determine if the most efficient process was being employed and to recommend changes, if needed. The outcome of the group analysis is that our current bus and car arrival procedures are the most functional method.

Traffic and delays in student arrival are directly related to the number of students being driven to school. Many students who are able to ride the bus to school are driven to Bridge Valley instead. Dr. Garvin and Mr. Cochran once again urge parents to take advantage of busing. Riding the bus provides a safe, money saving, and environmentally friendly way for students to come and go from school while reducing the congestion of vehicles at Bridge Valley. An example might be to consider driving your child(ren) to the bus stop instead of school on inclement weather days.

Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

AM Before School Program & Activities (PRIOR TO 8:15AM) Traffic Pattern Update!!!!

All Bridge Valley before school student drop off (prior to 8:15AM) will follow the same traffic pattern. Cars enter the bus lot, then turn right at the flagpole onto the paved access road. Vehicles loop around the building and exit past the kindergarten wing of the building. These procedures extend to Before School Program, Reading Olympics, Choir, and all other activities beginning prior to 8:15 AM.

Cafeteria Contest

Last week at Bridge Valley we started a cafeteria contest. Using an online program called Class Dojo ( ), students are competing as a class to earn more positive behavior points than other classes in the grade level. Students earn a point by following one of our three cafeteria rules: eat quietly, keep a clean space, and listen to directions. Each time a class is caught exhibiting one of these behaviors, the class earns a point. Points are displayed on a screen in the cafeteria, and students watch as their class collects points. The class with the most points at the end of each month earns the “Golden Spoon” award. This gold colored spoon will be given to the winning class to display for the month. The classroom coming in second will earn a “Silver Spoon”, and the class coming in third will earn a “Bronze Spoon”. The winning class will also be treated to an additional reward during our monthly "Upset the Applecart" afternoon.

home & School Information

  • Next Meeting - Friday, March 15th @ 9:30AM
  • Parent Education Topic - Technology Resources for Students and Parents
  • Nominating Committee

    For many parent volunteers, this is the time of year to consider joining the parent group in an official role. And many of you are wondering if you should go for the big enchilada—the president’s job. Elections will be coming in the spring and these last weeks of winter are a perfect time to mull over this decision. The Bridge Valley H&S Association will be holding elections for three positions for the 2013-2015 school years. The positions are Co-President, Treasurer, and Professional Staff Representative. Mrs. Patrice Mollick (Co-President) and Mrs. Jodi Snyder (Secretary) are the Executive Board members coordinating the Nominating Committee. At least two general membership members are also needed for the nominating committee. To date, Mrs. Kerry Eron and Mrs. Lynn McEntire have volunteered to participate. If you are interested in helping out with the committee or running for any of the open positions, please contact Mrs. Mollick at, Mrs. Snyder at, Mrs. Eron at, or Mrs. McEntire at

Trenton Thunder - Sunday - April 28th @ 1:05PM

Save Kids' Castle

Bridge Valley is forming a Save Kids' Castle Children’s Committee for students in grades 3 through 6. Please return permission slips to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday 3/15. For more information about how to get involved in the Save Kids Castle effort, including entering a t-shirt contest and attending a spring egg hunt, read their online newsletter at .

Dates that Rate!!!

Please be sure to remember the following upcoming events...

  • Friday, March 15th - Home & School General Membership Meeting - 9:30AM (Please note date change!!)
  • Monday, March 18th - Reading Olympics at Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Friday, March 22nd - Early Dismissal
  • Thursday, March 28th - Portfolio Conferences - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • Friday, March 29th - Good Friday - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS


At the March 12, 2013 School Board Meeting, the Central Bucks School District School Board:

1. Heard the Holicong Select String Ensemble performance before the school board meeting.

2. Heard the Superintendent’s State of the District presentation and the I.U. Board Committee Report.

3. Approved School Board Minutes.

4. Approved the Aramark Contract extension and the Water Tank Hydrostatic Coating Contract for Gayman Elementary School.

5. Approved School Board Policy 806 – Child Student Abuse.

6. Approved various personnel items, student trips, and staff workshops.

7. Received a Sabbatical Leave of Absence and the Board Calendar as information items.