The Weekly Update

Nov. 6-Nov. 10th

This Week's Highlights


This week we will honor our veterans on Nov. 9th at a program with WMMS. Each year they kindly invite us to join in celebrating our service men and women and we thank them for including us in this exciting event. Also on Thursday afternoon, we will engage in a fundraising event (basketball game) for Sarah Wills and her son Christian.

Please enjoy Nov. 10th and 11th (the (observed and actual) Veteran's Day holiday) by thanking the men and women who serve(d) our country.

-Melanie Shaver

Transportation Unit!

One of the things I like to daydream about is how we will travel in the future! SWhen we return from Veteran's Holiday scholars will begin our Transportation Unit! During this unit, scholars will explore equations, linear relationships, forms of energy, and how innovation impacts society and the environment while building a model mode of transportation that can operate efficiently, safely and economically with the purpose of transporting the modern family to wherever they would like to go!

For our kick-off on Monday we will need a few items if you have them lying around the house that you do not mind donating or allowing us to borrow:

-Hot Wheels/Matchbox Type Cars

-Car Tracks

We will also be visiting the Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC on Nov. 30th! The cost of the trip will be $10.00 (includes gas, admission, and train ride). This will be a great field trip to look at the innovation of transportation throughout time! Bagged lunches will be available for students.

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Acrostic Veteran's Day Poem By Grace Ollis

Very thankful for everything you do for us,

Even if I never got to see you and thank you, grandpa, for your service

Thank you! You make this country safe for the people you love

Even if I didn’t ever get to thank you I hope you know how thankful I am for what you did for your country

Rocky couldn’t even hold a light to what you did

Anyone would be proud and lucky to call themselves your granddaughter

N stands for how I will never forget what you did to protect your country.

Service is what you have done and your country and family thanks you

**Dedicated to my grandfather who died after his service- Clifton Ollis

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Upcoming Dates and Information

Nov. 10th-Veteran's Day- Holiday

Nov. 15th- Make-up Pictures

Nov 17th- Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 18th-Optional Trip to the Renaissance Festival

Nov. 19th-Marion Holiday Parade

Nov. 21st- 8th Grade Engineering Activity

Nov. 22nd- Workday

Nov. 23rd- Thanksgiving

Nov. 24th- Annual Leave

Nov. 27th- 7th Grade Forensics Activity

Nov. 28th- County-wide STEAM Expo Dropoff

Nov. 28th- 31 FCS Fundraiser Due

Nov. 29th- FCS Roboteam at Universal

Nov. 30th- FCS Roboteam at Universal

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