The Plateau Region

By Melissa Flaks

The Plateau Indians

The Plateau Indians lived in a very unique region. They lived just west of the Rockies with many trees, lakes and streams. Their location in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon allowed them to gather, hunt, and fish to live lives with plentiful resources. The Plateau Indians lived with two seasons, warm summers and cold, snowy winters, and had different transportation for different seasons. In the summers they traveled on the lakes and streams with dugout canoes and in the winters they traveled through the snow on snow shoes.


The Plateau Indians lived with a plentiful amount of resources. They hunted, fished, and gathered. Most of their natural resources consisted of animals- their most important would be the Pacific Salmon- and bulbs, roots, and berries. These Indians had no shortage of resources and therefore lived affluent lives.


This region's shelter depends on their resources. They could make their shelter permanent or temporary: a permanent shelter would be a pit house and temporary would be tepees or tule-mat lodges. The Plateau Indians would dig holes in the ground and cover them with bark, soil, and rocks. Tepees would have animal hide draped over multiple long sticks and are nailed to the ground, but can be easily removed. Tule-mat lodges are a similar structure- instead covered with wood- and can also be easily taken out of the ground. There are many different types of shelter depending on the resources around the Plateau Region.


The Plateau Indians had an abundance of resources which resulted in a variety of food. They can fish, hunt, and gather so they ate fish, meat, and fruits and vegetables. The people in this region fished in the winters and hunted in the summers because of the weather conditions. An animal they hunted was the buffalo and they fished the pacific salmon. The people of the Plateau region were accessible to many different foods and were very fortunate to have a great variety.


The Plateau Indians' clothing was made out of many of their resources. They used bark, other plant parts, and later started to use tanned animal hides to create these pieces of art that were worn. Men wore leggings, a breechcloth, and a shirt or robe; the women wore leggings with long dresses that reached their ankles and folded over the top of the dress to make large collars. They called the collars "yokes" and decorated them with porcupine quills, fringes, and beads. The resources that the Plateau Indians used determined how they made their clothing.

The Plateau Indians

In conclusion, the Plateau Indians greatly relied on their resources to live in their way of life. They depend on their resources, they need to use the location to see what type of resources are accessible to them. They use their resources for their shelter and food. For their everyday life they need these resources to survive