Big brown bat

by manson


The big brown bat has shiny light brown fur it has mildly long fur. The size of the bat is 10 to 13 cm long with a 11to 13 inch wing span. Its face feet and wings are dark brown.


The Big Brown Bat has became adapted to the human habitat the bat is a solitary animal it hunts mainly at night and returns to its hiding spot at midnight. the oldest brown bat on record is a male it is 19 years old. The big brown bat has been around for about 52.5 million years.

The problem with big brown Bats.

The Problem that the Big brown bat and why there population is going way down is because of people. A lot of people don't like bats at all they get into addicts, eaves of homes they leave waist behind witch can be harmful to people. The Brown bat is dying from white nose witch is causing the decline in the bat population.