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Why should you go to Poland? Well...

Well... that answer is simple. The answer to that is its a fun place to explore. You can go any where you would like but Poland has everything to tourism sites, historic sites, and last but not least the best sausage ever. Polish sausage is amazing with zingy tastes and a spicy sauce. "Go and Smell The Polish Sausage."


*Polish Sausage-the best ever


*Piernik-ginger bread

and lots more unque food.

Language/ Common Phrases

English Phrases=Polish Phrases


Good morning!-Dzień Dobry!



I'm lost -Zgubiłem sięCan

I help you? -Czy mogę ci pomóc?

What's your name?- Jak masz na imię?

My name is- ...Mam na imię….Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…Pan…/Pani…./Panna

Nice to meet you!- Miło cię spotkać!

You're very kind!-Jesteś bardzo uprzej my Where are you from?Skąd jesteś?

I'm from (the U.S/ Poland)-Jestem (ze Stanów Zjednoczonych/z Polski)


The main transportation is by train or car but mainly train.

All Aboard

toot toot toot


Weekday Date Holidays

Friday Feb 14, Valentine's Day

Friday Apr 18,Good Friday

Saturday Apr 19, Holy Saturday

Monday May 26, Mother's Day

Monday Jun 23, Father's Day

Wednesday Dec 24, Christmas Eve

Wednesday Dec 31, New Year's Eve

Tourist attractions

Summer Time

Friday, April 25th, 12am

This is an online event.

The summer heat starts about the same time as you summer does.

-You will need to bring

+sun screen


+thin shirts

+ also so thinner P.J.s

Best Time

I think that summer is the best time to go to Poland.

The best two months are June and July.

Winter Time

Sunday, Aug. 31st, 12am

This is an online event.

It Starts getting cold around September.

-You will need


+covered shoes

+also a light jacket or sweat-shirt

About Me! Grace W

Hello Im Grace and I love traveling and visiting different cultures. Its amazing how peoples houses range in huge houses to small little tents. People eat all sorts of different foods and wear all different types of clothing. I love to travel and help people travel one trip at a time learning more and more about our world. Now "Go and Smell The Polish Sausage."

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Visit