No Talking in the Hallways:

The Solution to Tardiness

By Vanessa Parker

The solution to students getting to class on time, is taking away their privilege to talk in the hallways and punishing all those who disobey this rule. They have to learn that there are things more important in this life, and it isn't their friends, but it's their education. If we don't gain control over this problem now, then we'll be at a disadvantage and eventually they will believe that they have the authority over us.

We do this by separating them in the hallways so that they aren't able to interact with one another, and they can get to their classes on time without bumping into someone walking on the wrong side on the hallway. They need to know that we are making a change, but they don't need to think that we are trying to take away their freedom, completely.

Then, slowly but surely we begin the strip the freedom that they have as they walk in the halls, that we deem distractions. These could range from listening to music while walking to class, texting, talking on the phone, and even going to the bathroom if it becomes a problem. After realizing that we mean business, we will finally have the authority and the power to take the one thing that they have left and that is their ability to talk to one another I the hallways. When Thai task is complete, and is successful, ass it will be, we will then all the children the privileges they once had, being the use of the restroom and their cellphones in the halls.