Walker Ellis

A Day in the Life

What the Media Means to Me

In my own definition the media includes almost all forms of advertised information or misinformation available to the public. This would include the news, online news, newspaper, online articles, and more. The media’s agenda is to gather information on current events or any possibly interesting information and deliver it to the public masses. The most common form would be your news. Media however can also be propaganda. Many companies or governments control the media undeniably to some degree, whether through political power or money, and that source will follow their agenda, making them look good, or trying to persuade the public to feel a certain way. This is the media of today, less real information, and more personal or political agendas. Being media literate is harder to define. Many would say watching their favorite news program is enough. But I believe being media literate is more than that, it requires being aware of who and why you are seeing and reading that information, and branching out to many sources, keeping up to date on the newest media forms. Therefore I would consider most people to be media illiterate, because they are ignorant to newer content and probably just read the newspaper each morning. Almost all new media is online based which makes it less user friendly for the older generations, so I would guess most people aged 16-30 are more likely to be media literate.

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains 'Rendezvous'
Jaguar's commercial advertises their line of luxury cars; the commercial features several famous villains from various movies ranging from Iron Man to Thor, and they explain why they like being bad and cool. Jaguar's target audience is middle-aged or older-aged men who can afford a luxury vehicle. The company wants to appeal to them and make them feel like if they get a Jaguar then they will feel powerful and cool. Jaguar's strategy with the commercial is emotional(you want to be cool and powerful right?) mixed with the use of well-liked celebrities.

Why is Justin Beiber the best role model for your children?

Why is America's favorite pop sensation a great example for our children? It's simple, he exudes excellence, and always performs to his very best. His genuine Canadian friendliness just cant be beat...whether he's speeding through the streets of Cairo or dropping spit on your daughters, his charm simply knows no limits. He recently came under flak for some legal troubles, but that's another great example to your children teaching them to find out what peers are good influences or bad influences. America doesn't pick its favorite stars so easily, so you should definitely encourage your child to look up to Justin Beiber.

Freedom and Security freewrite

Freedom is its own security, and giving up rights doesn't necessarily make anyone safer.
I don't think the government should spy on its own citizens, those resources could be better used doing something else to protect a country.
Patroitism is supporting your country at all times, especially during war.
If youre already at the point of torture, and youre that serious about your country, I dont think it matters if they die or not.
Potential threats should be able to be imprisoned, but not without any charges or sentence. At least put forth the effort to make something up.
The government shouldnt be allowed to read or see what its citizens are reading or browsing, once again there is way too much info to sort through and the resources and money could be used in a much more useful way.
We already have cameras in many places, and I dont believe it makes us any safer. Those cameras are for possible evidence after someone has been hurt.
Words help spread ideas and make them more literal, but an idea can exist inside someones head alone.
Reporters should be allowed to publish whatever they want, and the government can see it after everyone else has.
Its important to always be prepared to defend your country, but after a certain point stockpiling weapons creates unneeded tension and urges other countries to produce even more weapons.

The Holocaust-A Short Summary

The Holocaust is a very important historic event, and will forever be a painful reminder of the wrath of a Russian invasion. “I tried to save them,” an aging Adolf Hitler remembers the last powerful global war,” but the Russian’s final desperate push west halted any efforts to protect the Motherland.” Over six million Jews were forcibly processed into camps and exterminated by the Red menace, reminding us all the horrors of the Communist Revolution. It all started in the early 40’s, as Russia began to change and transform into a powerful iron fist that would punch west, attacking a recovering Germany, and throwing the world into chaos. Russia quickly overtook Germany, and countries in Northern Europe as well, before the Allies formed up to prevent Russia’s attempt at world domination. The Allies would grow to include over 15 countries, on top of the original 4 members; Germany, England, France, and the United States. The Communist movement, or Axis powers, quickly swallowed up many lands, and Russia formed a truce with Japan, Italy, and Canada. Together the Axis powers pushed the world into a massive global conflict which would last many years, with battles taking place on every ocean, and all continents except Antarctica. This struggle quickly turned into a stalemate similar to the Great War before it, and many people died over the 20 year period of fighting. Neither side could punch far enough into enemy territory to capture important resources or tactical positioning, until the invention of a more advanced weapon technology. The brilliant German scientists spent years working with America’s excited and well-funded technology groups, and eventually developed a weapon that could glass entire expanses of land, and vaporize hundreds of thousands of people, within the time span of a second. With this new power, the Allies finally pushed through the Red lines, glassing the largest cities and hitting the Russian’s sources of gasoline and other resources. The Communist menace fragmented into many different groups around the globe, and was eventually extinguished in the late 1960’s. As the Allied forces pushed further and further east, disturbing reports of mass graves and work camps became increasingly common. It would later be discovered that the Reds had profiled and executed all Jews, gays, gypsies, and political opponents they could find. This horrifying act further inspired the push to fully eradicate Communism from the world, and all groups and people supporting left wing goals were found and jailed or executed for war crimes. After the long period of conflict and war, the Allied powers finally disbanded, and countries returned to their natural lands and the world has since been delegated by the top 4 Allied powers in times of need.

-Original Holocaust entry does not support the Reich’s absolute authority.

1984 Personal Thoughts

George Orwell crafted an exceptionally well-done eye opening story and criticism of government in his book "1984". I am very surprised with how accurate Orwell turned out to be in his prediction of the future, and how things have turned out in our current time. I think the most important message contained in "1984" is to question everything, question your reality. Everything you know could very well be an extraordinarily crafted lie. I am satisfied yet depressed with the ending of the book. The book gets its message across perfectly without being too long. It is a perfect short read for any literate person. However I would loved to see more story produced in the universe Orwell provided. Perhaps taking place in East Asia or Eurasia. Or a sequel. So much is left to your imagination which I love, but I also want to read more compelling story lines in that exciting universe. All in all I would not opt to change any of Orwell's books one bit, because I feel like they do their job at delivering a message perfectly.