Manage Your Classroom

Kim Homes, Melanie Mitera, Hannah Lott


A Well-Managed Classroom

  • A well-managed classroom does not just happen by accident. I is is the result of a series of deliberate choices made by a teacher who cares for students, is consistent, is fair minded the way he/she deals with all students, and has the imagination to predict student behavior.
  • In a well-managed classroom students know what to do, they are confident, comfortable, and focused on learning.


The solution to dealing with misbehavior in the classroom is to have all of the prep-work done before problems arise. Having rules, expectations, and consequences in place and students understanding them is the main way to avoid problem in the classroom. However, problems are bound to happen. How you react to them is what is important. There are five steps to enforcing classroom rules.

Enforcing Classroom Rules

  1. Ask, "What rule have you broken?"
  2. Help the student understand that the rule applies to this situation.
  3. Ask the student to explain the reasons for the rule.
  4. Ask the student to tell you the consequences of breaking the rule.
  5. Carry out the consequences you have for students who break that rule.