Wildcats Weekly

Week of 5/2

End of Grade Testing

We miss typed in our last newsletter!

Math and ELA EOGs are scheduled for May 31st and June 1st. Sorry about the confusion!

Rube Goldberg Projects

We are planning on doing a Rube Goldberg team project towards the end of the year. The Wildcat team would greatly appreciate any donations of supplies for this project! The more supplies we gather, the more outrageous our projects can be!

Wildcats are in need of:


-tape of all types


-toilet paper/paper towel rolls


-empty bottles

-any other random supplies you can think of :)

Math 7+

This week we will be finishing up Surface Area of a 3-D Solid. If you found exactly how many square inches of wrapping paper you would need to wrap a birthday present, you would be finding the surface area! To prepare for their quiz, students should be able to find surface area of the following solids or their nets.

  • Rectangular and Triangular Prisms
  • Triangular and Rectangular Pyramids
  • Cylinders

The Surface Area Quiz is now scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th. Next up is Volume! Students will have five Volume formulas to memorize!


Next week we will be finishing up our unit on angles and triangles. Students have learned how to classify different angles and triangles, and how to find missing measures of angles and triangles. The Unit Test will be on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Next up...Unit 10: 2-Dimensional shapes (Area, Perimeter, and Circumference)

Social Studies

This week we are starting our next to last unit for the year. We are looking at Human Rights around the world. On Friday we will be watching Hotel Rwanda. Please make sure your child has turned in the permission slip. If he/she has lost it you can either send me a note or an email.


In Language Arts, we are starting our unit called "My Voice, My World." We will be focusing on analyzing poetry and creating a poetry portfolio. We will also continue with our passages of the week and practice activities for our flipbook terms (academic vocabulary). Thank you parents that came out for the living timeline showcase.


We will begin our study of the respiratory system next week! Students are doing a great job teaching their peers and leading activities. Remember that there is short mini quizzes each Friday on the body systems students should be studying for!