KP Staff Honors our Veterans

KP Day of Giving

Today We Honored and We Served

Today was an amazing day of reflection and service. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You for every single thing you did to create a day of honor for our Veterans. It started with the breakfast and ceremony. Staff were cooking and serving and greeting our guests. The ceremony was carried out beautifully. I appreciate everyone who came together to create a sense of honor for our veterans. Tom Moore noted that he was pulled aside by a person honored here earlier in the morning, while at another school, who commented on the respect of OUR students and the top notch ceremony coordinated by our staff and carried out by students. Thank you for all you did to preset students and support such a respectful reflection on our heroes.

Throughout the day, I watched in amazement as you provided ways for students to learn about the experiences of Veterans, the history/impact of war, and the needs of others. Your activities also provided the opportunity to serve as they :

  • Created over 200 notes and kerchiefs for cancer patients
  • Donated hair for cancer patients
  • Created blankets for children in shelters
  • Worked with Aiken elementary students to share the importance of our Veterans
  • Wrote cards to current soldiers serving and Veterans
  • Listened to the experiences of our local Veterans, Art, Rocco, and Marianne
  • Watched documentaries, clips and videos about the history and impact of war
  • Practiced gratitude through writing
  • Coordinated various components of a Honor Flight Fundraising Campaign
  • Collected socks and toiletries for shelters and Veterans
  • Had fun with staff and students for a beneficial cause

I am so proud of your commitment as a staff to create a learning experience that extends beyond the pages of our curriculum as it allowed students to demonstrate Respect, honor Responsibility and practice Citizenship. I honor your hard work to pull this together and thank you for your amazing efforts. I am also extremely proud of our students' respectfulness to our Veterans and their engaged participation in honoring and serving today.

I hope that spirit of today, that of gratitude, will carry us through the busy weeks ahead.

I have to extend a special thanks to Marc and Susanne for their coordination and execution of the breakfast and ceremony. They made sure that we honored Veterans in a manner that is meaningful. Thank you!

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