The Vengeful Angels

This people are searched by many authorities because this group of people did cyber bullying and didn´t thing that they did bad thing they thought that they didn´t hurt any one they wanted to see like the bad guys.

Power hungry- Revenge of the nerds.

This group of peple was bullied in real life, but then one day they start bullying people by internet named cyberbullying and they want to get seen as power full people.

Mean girls

This girls wanted some entertainment, so then they went and created an acount on a social media. And then start bullying people in their account just for entertainment but dont care about the other people´s feelings.

The Inadvertent Cyberbully

This people is the one that dose´nt think before sending the message, they respond to bad messages this make them angry and then they right awful things that do damage to the ones who read it.