Heaven Is For Real

Author: Todd Burpo / presentation by: Kaitlin Starnes

Rated TJ for Tear Jerker

EXPOSITION: Colton Burpo was a four year old boy who's family was planning a vacation to Greeley, Colorado. The Burpo family from Imperial Nebraska was looking forward to this wonderful family trip as a celebration for making it through all of the tough times. Unfortunately, Colton had to go through surgery in a man vs. God situation where he went to heaven his appendectomy procedure, but nobody ( including his parents ) believed him about going to heaven at first.

RISING ACTION: While Colton was in heaven during his surgery, his parents were praying and yelling at God in completely separate rooms, but Colton saw what they were doing during his trip to heaven. When Colton was healing in the hospital his parents visited him and Colton explained what heaven was like and what his parents were doing, his parents were shocked but they still thought that he had a dream or someone told him about what happened.

CLIMAX: As Colton's parents asked more questions and Colton answered them right away and in more detail, his parents questioned themselves and decided it was time to believe that his son's trip to heaven and back was real.

FALLING ACTION/RESOLUTION: Colton's story encourages his whole family and many others around the world, and encouraged people to believe in God, Jesus, heaven...etc. People say that you only have one life, but that won't matter if you make your life worth while.