KES Library Update

December 2015

What we've been up to

K-3 voted for their favorite Ladybug book! Some of the classes took time to discuss/classify the types of books we read. We discussed fiction vs. nonfiction as well. The youngest students are being introduced to the nonfiction section of our library which is packed, so they are also learning how to use placeholders when looking for books in that section.

Grade 4 wrote some great reflection pieces about their experience painting the ceiling tiles. Then they learned and practiced placing a hold on Destiny so that everyone has a fair chance at having a turn with highly requested books and Great Stone Face Books.

Grade 5 continued with finding information from various sources and learned about being critical of websites and what to look for in a reliable source of information. We used the CARS checklist to guide us. We reviewed plagiarism and citing sources as well.

We finished the month discussing picture books with specific questions in mind and also our reactions to the stories.

All grade 4 and 5 students have the opportunity to be placed on my Hall of Fame by reading at least 5 Great Stone Face books. We start each class reading one of the Great Stone Face books together. This month we also learned about plagiarism, it's consequences, and the easy steps that can be taken to avoid any problems.

Collection Stats

December: 348

November: 317

October check outs: 469

September check outs: 479

Top checkouts for December:




Links to Resources/Finland

For some links for Finland or other information you or your students might be seeking, go to the KES home page. Further on the school page under the resources tab, you can find the library web page. In the little box on the upper left corner is a link to a page of resources. Here you will see some student-friendly search engines like FactMonster, EBSCO, and Kidtopia. EBSCO, for now is a little challenging even for adults to use, but I am learning about the new interface called Explora and hope to share it with you soon. If you look in there for student resources, use Explora primary. I also have listed some links for Finland, and other sources like the CIA factbook, and the dictionary. remember, It is a constant work in progress. EBSCO user name is kensingtone and the password is 03833.

A Day in the Life...

Sometimes you might wonder what I do down here when there is not a class to keep me busy! My list is long and varied, but often includes researching and reviewing titles to order for our library, planning lessons, preparing materials, repairing books, reshelving books, putting new books into the computer system, adding labels to books to make them easier to find, working with my fifth grade volunteers, Cultural passport planning and meetings, adding/labeling magazines as they arrive, collecting books for teachers to support classroom studies, planning ahead for Read Across America, helping students find the books they really want to read, finding resources for research, evaluating our collection to see what might need to be replaced or updated, learning how to use/update our databases, websites, etc... I'm working on a dot system for the fiction section that denotes genres making it easier for those who come in looking for a realistic fiction title or a historical fiction title. I've made 9 different labels and am working on getting the books labeled with the help of my amazing volunteers!