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Week of May 18th-22th Online Education Newsletter

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At Home Packet Pickup will be located at the front of the school this week due to the Student Item Pickup that will be in the bus ramp.


Deretchin Choir

It is my pleasure to share the following video with you of our Deretchin Honor Choir members. These ladies, along with the help of Mrs. Childs have created a beautiful virtual choir for you. Please take a minute and celebrate their talent with me. I am SO proud of of Dragon Honor Choir. -- Dr. Reeves
Deretchin Virtual Honor Choir 2020 HD 720p

More Talent....

Each year our 6th grade students choose if they'd like to participate in our Talent Show. With Covid-19, we didn't want to miss the chance to share with you the incredible gifts our students posses. I could not be more proud of these children and the hard work that they have put in to share their talent with all of us. Way to go 6th Grade Dragons! Thank you for going above and beyond to share your gifts with us! Big hugs! --Dr. Reeves
We have so many gifted children on our campus. The art work below was produced this year and will be submitted to an art campus to represent Deretchin. Beautiful work, Dragons!


Fun Fact....

This year, Deretchin will be adding 5 Pre-K classes and 3 PPCD classes to our campus. This will bring several new students and families to our campus. With this, we will be hiring a few additional paraprofessionals on our campus to help work with our students with special needs, help in the prek classrooms, help in PE, and an additional person to help with multiple office type tasks. If you're interested, please submit a resume to Dr. Reeves. We love having our Deretchin parents join our team. You can email your resume to Thanks!

Plans for Picking up Personal Items from School....

Personal items can be picked up at the times listed below. You will need to display the sign below with your child's name on it to pickup their supplies. Please be sure that you print clearly so that we can read the sign. When you arrive to the school, you will pull into the BUS RAMP off of Merit Oaks Dr. A staff member will walkie to the teachers and staff inside the building to gather your items. Please pull up to the cone that you're told and open your trunk or the back of your car. A staff member will come out to your car and place the items in the back of your car for you. There's no reason for you to have to get out of your car. If you have any questions, please email Thanks.
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If you're unable to pickup your child's items during these times, please email and Dr. Reeves will arrange a time to meet you.

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Have Items to Bring Back to Deretchin?

If you have items to bring back to Deretchin, such as library books, teacher classroom books, etc., please plan to bring these items back when you pickup your child's personal items. You will need to place the items in a ziploc bag with your child's name and homeroom teacher on the front of the bag. Please seal the bag and have that item in the back of your car. When the teacher is placing your child's items in the back of your car, please let them know you've got an item to drop off as well. You can also indicate you have a Drop-off item in the back of your car, by drawing a star in the top right corner of your sign. These items will then be stored in tubs for several days prior to returning to the teachers in order to assure we are not passing germs back and forth between the school and the community. If your item is too big for a ziploc bag, please bring the item anyway with your child's name and homeroom teacher placed on the item and we will have a special bin for those items. Thank you so much for getting these items back to the school.
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Mark your calendars -- We will be doing a drive thru graduation on May 28th. Time 8:30 for our Kindergarten students.

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Have Medication to Pickup?

Mr. Bruner will be emailing you directly on how to pickup your child's medication. We will be doing this the week of May 18th.

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Sixth Grade Clapout will still be held May 28th. Time - 10:30. Please watch the Deretchin Digest for more information!

Parent Access Center....

If you have not signed up for a Parent Access Center account, please do so by going to the Conroe ISD website. Click on the parent/student tab and then click on Parent Access Center. This will walk you through how to sign up for an account. All report cards will be sent at the end of the school year through Parent Access Center, so we want to ensure you have an account established prior to the end of the year.

Please register any new children to our school ASAP! This will help us ensure we are able to hire the best teachers possible to our campus. Registrations is for NEW Dragons -- This includes new Kindergarten students or any new neighbors that you have.

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Please click on your child's grade level below and it will take you to this week's lesson plans.

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Moving over the Summer?

If you are not returning to Deretchin/McCullough for the 2020-2021 school year please email Cory Ognisty (Registrar) at In the email include your child/s Student Id number(not their name) and where your child will be attending. This can be what country, state or name of the school. Current 6th graders not attending McCullough next year, please let me know, so I can withhold records sent to McCullough, otherwise this will delay records requests for your new school.

Video Conferencing Expectations

1. This is a classroom environment -- Please have kids sit up in an open space when on a call. Therefore, students should not be lying on their bed or in an enclosed space.

2. Conferences will be in small groups or whole class with the teacher. There will be no one on one conferences.

3. Dress code expectations are: Please dress appropriately for a classroom environment. Shirts with sleeves should be worn. No tank tops, No swimsuits, No tube tops, etc.

5. If there is inappropriate behavior from a child, the parent will be contacted.

6. All calls will be recorded.

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Pillar of the Month - CITIZENSHIP

Habit of the Week

Participate in school activities

Scholarship Winners 19-20

Jessica Ross and Spencer Johnson

From Nurse Bruner

We have recently had some really nice weather, but we all know the heat is coming. While everyone is at home I am sure we are spending more time outdoors and I have attached some resources to help protect you and your family from the heat and sun. I hope that during this time everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Have a great day.

Protect Your Family from Skin Cancer - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM SKIN CANCER. Ultraviolet (UV) rays—from the sun or from artificial sources like tanning beds—are known to cause skin cancer. Damage from exposure to UV rays builds up over time, so sun protection should start at an early age. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF FROM SKIN CANCER STAY SUN SAFE OUTDOORS
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Please visit the link below for additional book resources.