Babysitter to the rescue

In the need of a day out call Cyan Vazquez to babysit 👶👶

Age groups

  • I do have EXPERIECE with babysitting kids.
  • I will babysit infants & toddlers I will also look after kids ages 8 months - 10 years old
  • I will change diapers and will cook a meal.


My availability is on the weekends

Saturdays - 1 pm to 6pm

Sundays - 2pm to 5pm

I am willing to babysit in Milford & Matamoras


I play soccer so if by some misfortune a game/practice gets moved or canceled to the day I am to babysit I will try to babysit but if I am needed at said game. if you were to as kind as to hire me again you will get it free of charge.

chances are this will not happen but this is for precaution


Payment depends on the hours I would babysit

  1. for 2 hours its $16.00
  2. for 4 hours its $25.00
  3. for 6 hours its $35.00

All about me

My name is cyan Vazquez I am 12 years old and have 2 sibling I have watched them and other children before. I play soccer and love music and reading. If at any time you feel the the need to talk to me fell free to call or email me