Year 3

Snack Box Homework!

Choose a piece of fruit....

These fruity homework activities have a science flavour! The deadline for these activities is Thursday 13th March.

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Apple (plant pressing)

Learning Objective: To understand the role of different parts of a plant.

Pick some flowers, or buy some from a shop, and enjoy a session of flower/plant pressing. Once the plants have been properly pressed and presented you need to mount it on a piece of paper or card and label the different parts (flower, stem, leaf, roots). You should also write some notes about the different roles that each part of a plant performs.

You can press and display as many different plants as you like - as long as you show that you understand what the different parts are called and what their main roles are. Remember, each part of the plant might have more than one role!


For three different methods for flower pressing look here.

Banana (cress heads)

Learning Objective: To investigate the effect of different environments on seed germination and plant growth.

First you will need to make your cress heads. Do this as soon as possible as cress takes 5-7 days to grow. Make two or more pots and grow them in different places. For example, you might choose to grow one pot in the fridge and one next to a radiator. You might want to see if light affects their growth, in which case grow one next to a window and one in a dark cupboard. Record your observations in whatever way you think is best and be ready to share them briefly with the rest of the class.


For information on how to make cress heads look here.

Kiwi (answer a question)

Learning Objectives: To research the importance of plants for humans. To present information clearly and effectively.

Answer the question:

"Why are plants important to humans?"

You can present your answer in anyway you wish. You could produce a written report, create a website, make a poster, compose a poem, build a powerpoint presentation, write a recipe or think of a completely different way of displaying your work.

Remember... there might be one or more parts to your answer! You might want to find out about:

  • Different plants that humans eat
  • Plants that are used to make clothing
  • How plants change carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe
  • Plants that are used in medicines
  • Any other use that humans have for plants


Child-friendly information on how humans use plants in different ways here.

Free website builder here.

Free online poster creator here.

Next Week....

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