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Newsletter Volume II Issue II (Pre K-4)

Compass Learning: New Paths Available!

  • As a reminder, at the end of each FSSD benchmark period, the Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ scores will automatically be transferred to Compass using the test translator, creating your students' learning paths. This process aligns with STAR Math, STAR Reading, and STAR Early Literacy. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide differentiated practice for your students, both in school and at home!

  • For an instructional guide on how to access student learning paths, click here.
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Each elementary school has been provided with an Osmo for use in literacy and math centers/stations. The link above connects you to the Osmo Education curriculum, and provides an opportunity for collaboration with other educators using Osmo.

To try Osmo in your classroom, please coordinate with a colleague at your school. Currently Osmo is being used in the following classrooms:

FES: Sherry McMahan

JES: Drew Wilkerson

LES: Mell Isaacs

MES: Lorrie Graves

PGES: Jennifer Marotta

Spotlight on Instruction: QR Codes at PGES

From PGES 2nd Grade:

The idea behind using QR codes for a home-school connection, was to find a way to reach all of our families that would be simple yet informative. We wanted every parent to be able to support their child's learning at home, regardless if the language spoken at home is English or Spanish.

We began by taking one learning target and focusing in on the specific steps, such as math operations. We made a short video of these steps and then coordinated with Karen Mennenga, one of our ELL teachers, to make these target videos bilingual for all families. Once the video is finalized, we generate a QR code for each video, and put those QR codes on the cover of each second grader's weekly homework packet as those skills are being reinforced.

Using one of many free apps that scans QR codes, students can scan the code with a phone, iPad, or tablet and have access to an instant "reteaching" lesson at home. This also provides an opportunity for parents to observe and understand various strategies that were taught in class.

Scan the code to the right to see a sample of our instructional videos!

MICA District Assignments

District assignments have been created in MICA, Measurement Incorporated Classroom Assessment, for third and fourth grade ELA and Math. These can be used as ongoing individual formative assessment, during small group instruction and in whole group, to model use of the tools and problem solving strategies. If you need help in accessing those assignments, please reach out to your reading and/or math coach!

To view the instructional guides on setting up classes, creating assignments, or viewing reports in MICA click here.

TETC: Tennessee Educational Technology Conference

On December 9th-11th, over 700 educators from across the State gathered to participate in three days of outstanding professional learning and networking, all related to instructional technology! The TETC, Tennessee Educational Technology Conference, sponsored by TETA (Tennessee Educational Technology Association) was attended by FSSD classroom teachers, computer lab teachers, and members of the Teaching & Learning team. Representatives from each elementary school included:

FES: Julie Bryant and Nicole Fletcher

JES: Whitney Holland, Suzie Johnson, Katie Milliken, and Maria Pickett

LES: Mell Isaacs

MES: Shelly Youngstead and Mary Moriello

PGES: Jennifer Lampley and Jennifer Marotta

Be sure to ask your colleagues to share the engaging tools and resources presented at the conference!

Featured Website: Newsela Elementary

Newsela is now available for early readers! Check out the link above.

So Long For Now...

As most of you know, Friday, December 18th, is my last day with FSSD, as my husband and I make a move back to my native Atlanta, GA. Although I have only been the PreK-4 Instructional Technology Specialist for a short time, it was enough time for me to learn just how awesome the teachers in FSSD are. Your passion for student success and continued professional growth is to be commended and has reaffirmed my commitment to supporting educators through a career in instructional technology. I have greatly enjoyed my time spent working alongside each member of the FSSD team and will alway reflect on this time with appreciation!

Many of you have heard me say, DFTBA, to you or to another colleague at some point over the last two years. So, I'll leave you with this... :)

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