Mrs. Dixon's Class ENewsletter

Week 17

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Room 306 Families!

I hope you enjoyed an amazing, relaxing, fun-filled 3 week vacation with your children! I'm happy to say I'm 100% healthy again! :) I definitely loved every second of spending time with my family but I'm excited to get back to teaching my students!

Please remember students do NOT have school tomorrow (I'm sure you didn't need the reminder ;)…all teachers district-wide will be participating in staff development. SO, I'll see my darlings on Tuesday! Here is a look at what's going on in Planet 306 this week!

This Week in Planet 306

Language Arts:


* Story Structure

* Pronouns: I versus me



Opinion Paragraphs (assessment next week)

Mathematics: Multiplication Properties

*Identity Property (any # multiplied by 1 is the same number)

*Zero Property (any # multiplied by 0 is 0)

*Commutative Property (changing the order of the factors does not change the product i.e. 3 x 2= 6 and 2 x 3 =6)

*Associative Property (changing the order of 2 or more factors does not change product i.e. (2 x 3) x 4= (3 x 4) x 2

*Distributive Property: Breaking apart multiplication problems into easier parts (see below video for great examples!)

Technology Corner

This Week's Technology Focus:

I'm excited to teach students how to create iMovies on our class iPads! They will use iMovie for book reports, class videos, and more for the rest of the year.

During Computer Lab we will continue learning about creating Powerpoints!

Finally, the last 5 minutes of class each day will be "APPetizers" where I will go over new and exciting learning apps we will be using in class and students can use at home as well :)

Technology at Home:

Don't forget about the MANY learning opportunities students have on our class website! Through Edmodo they can participate in our online classroom as well as use the Common Core Scootpad and LearnZillion apps! They also can read online books on Big and more!

Don't forget to check out our Common Core Math Tech Links to watch videos or play fun, interactive games that correlate with our unit!

Accelerated Reader Stars

Stay tuned for next week's A.R. Stars!

I know a lot of students have been reading over these last 3 weeks and will have a chance to catch up on their A.R. quizzes all week!

Please remember students should be working towards their A.R. goals and should be reading each night for 20 minutes.

Christine Dixon

3rd Grade Teacher

San Elijo Elementary

San Marcos Unified School District